Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 6.1 Yue’er, why don’t you pour tea for Xiaoyuan? Part 1

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Yan Ruyue’s cheeks reddened instantly.

“You are going to retire from marriage today; did you bring the engagement book?” Yan Ruyue asked in a higher tone.

Yan Ruyue felt electrocuted when her eyes met his. Her cheeks were burning hot, and she promptly found a topic for conversation.

Lin Yuan did not care much, seeing her strange appearance.

He waved the red document in his hand and said, “Of course, I brought it. You can feel relieved; I will retire from marriage today.”

“Oh! That’s good,” Yan Ruyue snorted, and accelerated her pace, walking in front of Lin Yuan instead of walking together with him.

“Is this the result of my 150 charm points?” Lin Yuan thought as he touched his smooth, jade-like face.

If you want to be a qualified supervillain, you not only need to have a glib tongue[1] and know flowery speech[2] but also have great perception.

He knew that Yan Ruyue was stealing glances at him a while ago. He did not want to expose her. He even deliberately met her gaze. He did not expect that Yan Ruyue, who ignored him and refused to respond to him yesterday, would peep at him today. He had not expected this at all.

The effect of his charm value is not as great as he thought. The contrast from licking dog to aloof rich and handsome man is the main reason for Yan Ruyue stealing glances. He did not expect when their gazes met, Yan Ruyue was so embarrassed that she walked ahead of him. As expected, the reserved and cold girl has a pure heart.

Lin Yuan shook his head and stared intently at her jade-like legs as Yan Ruyue walked forward.

Lin Yuan did not want to be hypocritical by looking elsewhere and pretending to be an upright gentleman instead of staring at her white ankle.

He had to admit that Yan Ruyue’s jade-like legs were what men dream of.

He did not enjoy the beautiful scenery for long as they reached the drawing-room soon after.

The decoration of the large drawing-room was simple. There was a small coffee table along with a few sofas for guests. A middle-aged woman was sitting on a sofa waiting for them.

“Mom, I brought him.” Yan Ruyue said, and then sat on the sofa playing with her mobile phone.

Song Xuan frowned, “Where are your manners? You are sitting down before the guests have sat down.”

“Humph!” Yang Ruyue groaned and said nothing. Of course, she knew it was not polite, but she was afraid that her blush would be seen before, so she sat down to cover up.

“Xiao Yuan, I have not seen you for such a long time. You have become so handsome! Come, let aunt take a good look at you,” Song Xuan instantly changed her face and smiled while facing Lin Yuan.

Song Xuan was not saying it courteously, but she felt that Lin Yuan had become very handsome.

“Hello Aunt Song,” Lin Yuan walked over with a smile.


[1] intended or having the power to induce action or belief.

[2] elegant but insincere words/cheating wheedling/dishonest rhetoric

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