Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 7.2 Come and help me wipe my sweat! Part 2

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The remedy of the disease could not be arbitrary. The person treating her would be accountable if a fatality occurred, and none of the doctors could afford the responsibility of Song Xuan’s death.

“All of you step aside! Do you want to kill Auntie Song by using the pacemaker blindly and blocking the airflow!”

Lin Yuan shouted and brushed aside the female doctors and Yan Ruyue to get to Song Xuan. They saw Lin Yuan quickly take a piece of cloth from his waist and unfold it.

The cloth was astonishingly a lump piece of silver needles stuck together; thus, there were rows of silver needles in arrangement when unfolding it.

Lin Yuan sandwiched ten silver needles between the fingers of his two hands like a butterfly extracting nectar from flowers. He quickly stuck the major acupuncture points on Song Xuan’s head with his needles.

Hundreds of arteries meet at the Baihui Acupuncture point, Fengchi Acupuncture point…

Lin Yuan had used up all ten silver needles in his hands in a few seconds. He breathed a sigh of relief as Song Xuan was no more in danger of life. Although he had arrived today to break off the engagement, fortunately, he had carried the silver needles with him.

He, the possessor of divine-level medical skills, needed to carry silver needles with him. For Lin Yuan, these silver needles can not only save people but also kill them.

Lin Yuan knew that he was saving Song Xuan, but others are not aware of it. They only saw that Lin Yuan had inserted a lot of silver needles on Song Xuan’s head.

“What are you doing!” Yan Ruyue shouted before enclosing her mouth to sob spasmodically.

“I am treating the illness and saving people, so be quiet,” Lin Yuan said indifferently.

Yan Ruyue got very angry and almost passed out in anger seeing Lin Yuan suddenly stab needles on the head of Song Xuan She wondered if Lin Yuan had gone insane due to the retirement of the marriage contract. He was behaving abnormally by inserting the needles on Song Xuan’s head.

The five female doctors stood still stupefied and frightened at the same time.

The doctors and Yan Ruyue were preparing to push away the ‘abnormal’ Lin Yuan. However, they discovered that the motionless Song Xuan twitched a few times, and her fingers moved. Subsequently, her eyes faintly opened!

“Listen to … Xiao Yuan …” Song Xuan said softly with the sound of a tiny mosquito.

Although Song Xuan couldn’t move before, she could still hear the movement outside. She instantly felt better when Lin Yuan’s silver needle got inserted in her head. She had known about the medical skill of acupuncture. Thus, as soon as she could speak, the first sentence uttered was for everyone to listen to Lin Yuan.

Everyone was stunned to see Song Xuan awaken. Yan Ruyue was even more startled to hear Song Xuan say that everyone should listen to Lin Yuan. But, she was smart and understood now why Lin Yuan said that he was treating the illness and saving her mother’s life.

Lin Yuan did not pay attention to the shock of those around him. He quickly inserted more silver needles seeing Song Xuan wake up.

“You all go out, many people standing here will disturb me,” Lin Yuan said faintly.

“This…” The doctors hesitate slightly upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words.

However, thinking of what Song Xuan had earlier said and seeing that under the treatment of Lin Yuan, Song Xuan’s face gradually became rosy and her breathing gentle, they obediently retreated.

Only, Yan Ruyue stood still to the side and looked at Song Xuan with a worried expression.

Lin Yuan noticed it and said nothing to her, continuing to acupuncture. After five minutes, Silver needles filled Song Xuan’s head, back, and arms. Lin Yuan was also sweating profusely.

Although acupuncture was only for a few minutes, it expanded a lot of physical strength of Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan straightforwardly commanded her without any politeness, “Come and help me wipe my sweat; otherwise, it will affect my treatment.”

There were only three people in the room. If you remove Lin Yuan, who was treating, and Song Xuan, who was getting treated, only Yan Ruyue remained. Yan Ruyue naturally understood whom Lin Yuan had commanded. She felt at a loss and nibbled her red lips.

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