Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 8.1 If I were twenty years old, I would surely chase you! Part 1

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Although she was slightly unhappy, she still picked a calico to wipe clean the sweat on Lin Yuan’s forehead and cheeks, so that her mother’s treatment is not affected.

While wiping off the seat, Yan Ruyue subconsciously took a few glances at Lin Yuan. She was dazed. It is said that men devoted to work are handsome. She was unable to take off her eyes from Lin Yuan. Although his appearance was cold, it showed seriousness, making him look very reliable.

Yan Ruyue’s heart skipped a beat looking at his face. As the eldest daughter of the Yan family, she had come across hundreds of affluent young men, but she loathes men, she feels nauseous talking to other men, let alone touch them. However, she found that she was not so resistant to help Lin Yuan wipe sweat.

“What am I thinking? Mom is still in the midst of treatment!” Yan Ruyue scolded herself and promptly moved away.

Nevertheless, she failed to discover that her cheeks had reddened.

Lin Yuan felt very comfortable after enjoying the service of Yan Ruyue.

He possessed diving level medical skills, and thus it was impossible that not wiping off the sweat would affect his treatment. As Yan Ruyue did not leave, he made use of her presence.

Soon five minutes passed by.

During this period, Lin Yuan called Yan Ruyue to wipe off sweat three to four times. Although she looked unwilling, Yan Ruyue still wiped off his sweat. Song Xuan, too, woke up in the course of the treatment.

“Xiao Yuan, Thank you very much!”

As Lin Yuan put away the needle, Song Xuan got up immediately and grasped Lin Yuan’s hands tightly. She was moved emotionally and grateful.

Ten years!

Song Xuan had never felt so well for ten years.

Her husband met an early demise, and she had been supporting the huge Yan conglomerate alone as a woman for ten years.

The hundred billion worth conglomerate is not only the symbol of wealth and authority but at the same time, a huge piece of fat for others.

She tried her hardest to be a chairman and a mother at the same time and do the roles perfectly, but she could not bear such a heavy burden for such a long time.

She endured pain and exhaustion alone, and almost every day, her heart twitched violently, her internal organs suffered intense pain.

But after Lin Yuan’s treatment, she felt extremely comfortable all over her body, and especially in her chest area. A warm current seemed to flow through her body, making her fell she was in her twenties.

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