Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 8.2 If I were twenty years old, I would surely chase you! Part 2

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But after Lin Yuan’s treatment, she felt extremely comfortable all over her body, and especially in her chest area. A warm current seemed to flow through her body, making her fell she was in her twenties.

Lin Yuan was not surprised by Song Xuan’s actions and said with a smile, “Auntie, you are praising me too much, I have some medical skills due to a chance encounter. Thus, I am duty-bound to help when I come across such a thing.”

“Auntie, come back to the main topic, do you feel warm now? I have stimulated hundreds of acupuncture points in your body. These acupuncture points will link up all the acupuncture points in your body and make all of the organs in your body more active. However, your body will require yang qi to support this consumption.”

“Thus, I will come to acupuncture aunt every day for half an hour, and I will also prescribe for you. You need to take it. Also, take care of your body and don’t get yourself exhausted or catch a cold in the meantime.”

“Okay, Xiao Yuan, I will remember what you have said. I am very thankful to you. This is a life-saving grace!” Song Xuan nodded repeatedly.

She was extremely grateful to Lin Yuan. Even if she were the chairman of a 100 billion conglomerate, she was fundamentally no different from an ordinary person when facing a life or death scenario.

How could she not be grateful to Lin Yuan when she had brought her back from the jaws of death.

Someone to quickly bring a pen and paper under Song Xuan’s command.

Lin Yuan wrote a few prescriptions. He found a small red book under the paper after he finished writing.


Song Xuan began to explain given Lin Yuan’s puzzlement.

“This is the title deeds of a villa in Zhaoyang district. Aunt did not give you a gift when you were engaged. This is your late engagement gift,” Song Xuan laughed.

“This… now the engagement is already broken…” Lin Yuan said.

Song Xuan, nevertheless, replied with a smile, “You must accept it. Although I know you do not lack a villa, but aunt beseeches you, to accept it.”

Lin Yuan did not say anything more and accepted the title deeds.

There is no denying the fact that Song Xuan is smart and gracious.

Lin Yuan and Song Xuan both know that the villa is actually a reward for the treatment of her disease.

Lin Yuan had a life-saving grace for her, so Song Xuan felt the reward was inadequate and gave the villa as a gift for engagement.

It is worthy of being of the person who supported the Yan conglomerate and her daughter at the same time as her words can win the favor of everyone.

He accepted it, given it would be impolite otherwise.

Song Xuan smiled happily, seeing Lin Yuan accept it.

“By the way, I have never heard your parents say you have such superb medical skills. Who did you learn it from? It’s okay if you find it inconvenient to talk about,” Song Xuan asked smilingly.

Song Xuan felt incredible that Lin Yuan had cured the disease that had troubled her for ten years in such a short amount of time.

“Incidentally, I had come across an old man, and he taught me,” Lin Yuan explained casually.

“Alas, you are truly a talented person. You are not only a Gao Fushuai but also have superb medical skills. If I were twenty years old, I would surely chase you. Yue’er does not have good foresight.” Song Xuan shook her head and smiled.


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