Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 9.2 Because the host said that Shen Lan is an emotional idiot! Part 2

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“Ding! The first heroine, Yan Ruyue’s hatred for master -50! Counterattack point +200!”

Lin Yuan received a prompt in his mind from the system.

Lin Yuan had a faint smile when he heard the reward prompt.

“The host is truly aloof when facing the thanks of the iceberg beauty, unexpectedly you replied so coldly and briefly,” Shen Lan stated.

“Otherwise? Do you still want me to be a licking dog?” Lin Yuan said with a faint smile.

“Shen Lan does not want to express an opinion because the host said that Shen Lan is a moron when it comes to love,” Shen Lan replied.

“Although you are foolish, you have self-knowledge,” Lin Yuan said.

“But I know the saying it is better to strike the iron while it’s hot. Why doesn’t master take advantage of this opportunity? If you think from another point of view, you have just gained 200 counterattack points. You will need to exchange 20 million yuan for the same number of counterattack points from the system!” Shen Lan argued.

“Don’t worry! There will be many opportunities to contact the Yan family after saving Song Xuan. This can be considered the foundation to thaw the iceberg. The iceberg Yan Ruyue will slowly come to my side,” Lin Yuan confidently laughed while conversing.

“Oh, by the way, I remember that in the novel Song Xuan was saved by the protagonist Ye Feng. If I rescued first, doesn’t it mean that I snatched his chance? Why didn’t I get a reward?” Lin Yuan asked.

“Yes, it can be regarded as snatching the chance of the protagonist. It takes some time to get everything processed. The reward issuance takes some time,” Shen Lan explained.

“Ding! The host successfully rescued Song Xuan, and with Song Xuan’s promise, he gained the favor of the entire Yan Clan Group! He has taken away the opportunity of the original protagonist and gets rewarded 500 counterattack points!”

Lin Yuan received another prompt in his mind. He examined his attribute panel.

[Host: Lin Yuan]

[Counterattack point: 700]

[Wealth value: 5 billion]


[Strength:103, Speed: 105, Reaction: 104, Charisma: 150, Physique: 110]


[Medical skills: Divine level, Car skills: Intermediate level, Violin: Intermediate level, Calligraphy: Intermediate level, English: Elementary level, …]

The counterattack points are 700, which is what he just obtained.

His wealth value of 5 billion surprised him a little bit.

Although his company has been making profits and his net worth is increasing, but it is impossible for it to be back to 5 billion so quickly.

It seems that the villa Aunt Song gave me is worth at least 300 million yuan,” Lin Yuan laughingly said.

“Although compared to ordinary people, my attributes and skills are good, but it is much worse than the protagonist of an urban romance novel. I have to continue to earn counterattack points.”

“Ok, according to the plot, the original protagonist will arrive in Jiangbei City in three days. At that time, the novel world will get you in conflict with the protagonist as your setting is a villain,” Shen Lan reminded.

“Then let’s go.”


“International Trade district!”


The International Trade District is one of the most prosperous districts in Jiangbei City.

It was the afternoon at this time. Many people were window shopping, the streets were bustling with activity, as people brushed shoulders.

In front of a clothing store, there was a person dressed as a small bear action figure, who was trying hard to distribute flyers to the people passing by.

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