Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 11.2 I am saying it was fate, do you believe it? Part 2

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Qiu Wanxi was forced into the car by the imposing and powerful Lin Yuan. She did not resist, as he did not seem to be a bad guy.

Qiu Wanxi raised her foot and prevented it from touching the foot of the car. She felt that she should not step on the mat of the car foot. She had low self-esteem, and the car looked super expensive. Thus, she felt that someone like her was not worth stepping on the foot of the car, not to mention sitting in the car.

Seeing the agitated appearance of Qiu Wanxi, Lin Yuan said with a smile, “You just relax, don’t be so nervous, this car is of little value to me. I still have a dozen cars at home, so you can step on it as you wish.” As he was conversing with her, Lin Yuan helped Qiu Wanxi to adjust her sitting position and lean back on the car. However, not only was her back very stiff, her entire body was so as well.

“You… why do you invite me to eat ice cream?” Qiu Wanxi asked gently and cautiously, as she observed Lin Yuan, she was afraid that Lin Yuan would be angry.

She couldn’t figure out why Lin Yuan, a Gao Fushuai, suddenly invited her to eat ice cream. Did he covet her?

Would Gao Fushuai lack a woman? Moreover, she had previously worn a mascot costume.

This was due to Qiu Wanxi’s inferiority complex.

In Lin Yuan’s view, if Qiu Wanxi dressed up, she would not be inferior to the peerless Yan Ruyue in terms of beauty.

In short, Qiu Wanxi did not understand why Lin Yuan would treat her so well.

“I am saying it was fate, do you believe it? I happened to pass by here, coincidently saw you humiliated and knocked down, coincidently wanted to lift you, and then wanted to invite you to eat ice cream.” Lin Yuan laughingly said.

“I believe it!” What Lin Yuan did not expect was Qiu Wanxi’s sudden response when he had spoken casually.

Lin Yuan froze for a moment hearing Qiu Wanxi’s answer. In fact, in Qiu Wanxi’s opinion, a person with an identity such as Lin Yuan could not like her at all. He treating her well might be just a whim. Thus, to explain it by fate, there is no problem.

Seeing Qiu Wanxi, whose face was innocent and adorable, had a stiff and straight body because of nervousness, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but stroke her head.

This was also the first intimate action Lin Yuan had done ever since he met Qiu Wanxi. Qiu Wanxi’s body began to tremble before quickly relaxing soon after.

“It’s a very comfortable feeling… so warm…” Qiu Wanxi’s big eyes were turning in confusion and disorder. She did not dare to look at Lin Yuan, and was thinking absent-mindedly.

“Ding! Qiu Wanxi’s favorability with the host has increased by 10 points! Reward 50 counterattack points!”

“There is a hostess who has a good impression on the host, and the favorability panel opens!”

Lin Yuan was a little surprised to hear the prompt

“Favorability panel?”

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