Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 10.2 Bright eyes and White Teeth! Picturesque Facial Appearance! Part 2

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Lin Yuan’s purpose coming here was the second hostess; thus, he chose the second option.

“Ding! Receive the reward “Advanced Piano Proficiency!”

Lin Yuan understood a few things when he received the reward prompt.

It seems he will get to make choices when he comes across plot points in the original novel. One example is meeting the hostess before the protagonist. The importance of characters and their influence on the plot determines the rewards. Yan Ruyue is the primary heroine in the novel. Thus, reward choices are divine-level skills. While the second heroine is less influential, and thus, the reward choices are advanced-level skills.

Lin Yuan ignored the fatty store manager and the passers-by who were frantically taking pictures as well as women with bloodshot eyes. He walked directly to the bear mascot, who was knocked down, scolded, and lying on the ground. He lifted her.

“Are you all right?” Lin Yuan asked.

Qiu Wanxi heard a gentle voice of concern when someone had lifted her.

She hurriedly replied, “It’s okay! Sigh! Sigh![1]”

She was gasping for breath while talking.

“Is it hot and stuffy inside the bear costume?” Lin Yuan asked while continuing to support her.

“Fine … tolerable!” Qiu Wanxi was a little nervous.

She suddenly felt the removal of the head cover of the bear costume.

She was unable to see clearly in the bear costume. Now, Qiu Wanxi could look at the person that had supported herself.

So handsome!

This was the first impression of Qiu Wanxi.

He had short black hair, angular face as smooth as jade, his eyes were limpid and deep, nose bridge high and he had a tall figure.

Her face flushed almost instantly. It was redder than before when it was inside the bear costume.

“The face was so suffocated inside the bear costume that it became red with lots of sweat. It’s not important anymore.” Lin Yuan smiled slightly, putting the wig of the costume on the ground. He also removed the hair of the costume headgear that had stuck to Qiu Wanxi’s forehead.

The actions of Lin Yuan made Qiu Wanxi even shyer.

In fact, Lin Yuan was also surprised the moment he took off her costume headgear and lifted her hair.

Lin Yuan remembered that Qiu Wanxi was also one of the heroines in the novel.

The novel described Qiu Wanxi as very beautiful, and his goal was precisely Qiu Wanxi this time. However, only after meeting did he understand how beautiful she is.

Her beauty is different from that of Yan Ruyue. Yan Ruyue is indeed very beautiful so much so that he had never come across anyone more beautiful than her in his previous life.

Qiu Wanxi wasn’t much in terms of beauty when compared to Yan Ruyue. Her face was as exquisite as hers. Qiu Wanxi wore a long ponytail, with a little hair on her forehead, most of which is behind her ears.

She had a jade-like glossy oval face with bright eyes and white teeth, making it a picturesque facial appearance. Her shyness led to possessing rosy cheeks making her adorable and cute. Her pair of red phoenix eyes, both big and bright, got the attraction of Lin Yuan the most.

At that moment, she did not dare to met his gaze and pretended to look upwards.

Lin Yuan couldn’t bear and ended up laughing, “The sun is so dazzling in the sky. Don’t your eyes feel uncomfortable looking at it?”

“It feels uncomfortable,” Qiu Wanxi blurted out and then immediately shut her mouth in embarrassment.

She wanted to say that Lin Yuan was more dazzling than the sun at that time.


[1] She is exhaling with difficulty here.

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