Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 10.1 Bright eyes and White Teeth! Picturesque Facial Appearance! Part 1

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Even though it was magma-hot at this time, the dress of the mascot was like a stove; the mascot still had to strive his best at work. However, the middle-aged store owner, sitting inside the air-conditioned store, was still slightly dissatisfied.

“Shout! Did you not eat? Am I giving you 80 yuan every day to feed the dog?” The middle-aged store manager was greasy and fat all over; thus, he felt hot, even though the air conditioner was blowing.

He was irritated and scolded the part-time employee to vent his anger.

He had considered earlier how to vent his anger. The part-time worker had come late today, and he felt content to threaten her with her wages.

There was a commotion outside the store at this moment. The fat and greasy manager looked curiously at the commotion outside. The crowd quickly stepped aside to make way. Many people even took out their mobile phones to take a picture.

A luxurious silver-colored car showed up in front of the store at that time. The door of the luxurious car opened and a man walked out. The man had outstanding facial features and a tall figure. He had attracted the eyes of countless women the moment he had walked out. He is Lin Yuan.

“Fuck! Lamborghini Aventador!”

“Fuck! The watch on his hand is a limited-edition Patek Philippe, which is worth at least five million.

You guys are superficial and only have money in your eyes. This handsome guy is a lady-killer. I hope I was like him.”

“Ah! Ah! He is so handsome that even male celebrities will pale in comparison to him.”

Countless people took out their mobile phones to take pictures of Lin Yuan.

Hearing the words of these passers-by, the greasy and fat store manager quickly wiped off the sweat on his body and ran out quickly to welcome the customer. He knocked down the mascot at the door as he was anxious.

“Are you blind? Why don’t you move aside? Waste!” The greasy and fat manager cursed out when he knocked on the person.

Then he ran quickly to Lin Yuan, stooped and bowed his head, bending and scrapping to curry favor, and said with a smile on his face: “Son[1], what are you going to buy? There are many fashion styles in our clothing store…”

“Roll!” Lin Yuan only answered him with one word.

“Yes, yes!” The fat store manager immediately stepped aside after hearing Lin Yuan say that.

As he wiped off the oily sweat on his forehead, he did not understand how he angered the young master and made him unhappy. The fatty store manager felt slightly apprehensive. He had been fawning not only because Lin Yuan appeared wealthy but primarily because he had a noble temperament that did not belong to an upstart.

Moreover, he felt as if he were…

【Ding! The heroine fell down! Please make a choice! 】

[Choice 1: Turn a blind eye and go away. Reward: ‘Advanced Erhu Proficiency’! 】

[Choice 2: Support the heroine! Reward: ‘Advanced Piano Proficiency’! 】


[1] Your son is an honorific for the son of an official or son of nobility. I could have used ‘young master’ here as well.

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