Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 12.2 Blueberry flavored ice cream! Part 2

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It is easy to dismiss an ordinary clothing store manager with his identity. It is easier when his family owns the clothing store.

Why was the manager dismissed?

It’s simple, he felt uncomfortable, and so, he just wanted to do it.

The ice cream was soon served.

Lin Yuan pushed the ice cream in front of Qiu Wanxi and said smilingly, “I don’t know the flavor you like to eat; I ordered two blueberry flavor ice cream, you don’t dislike it right?”

【Ding! Counterattack points +50】

A reward prompt appeared in his mind immediately after he finished speaking.

Immediately, Qiu Wanxi waved her hands nervously, “like… I like it! I like whatever you order! All the flavors taste good!”

“And… I… I also like blueberry flavor!”

Qiu Wanxi at once nervously explained when she saw Lin Yuan looked at her with a smile, “I… I did not deliberately say that I like the same flavour as you! I… I really like blueberry flavour ice cream! I am sorry!”

“Why are you saying sorry?” Lin Yuan asked with a smile.

“I… I am afraid you will think that I please you on purpose. You will think that I lied…” Qiu Wanxi frankly and innocently said.

Lin Yuan smilingly replied, “I believe in you.”

After Qiu Wanxi heard the four simple words, her cheeks were red. Her eyes showed she was touched so much so that her eyes were slightly wet.

Lin Yuan was a little emotional looking at the change of Qiu Wanxi’s expression beside him.

Qiu Wanxi had too little self-esteem. Qiu Wanxi was afraid to say that she liked the same flavour of ice cream as me thinking it will make me feel that is deliberately doing so. She was even touched by me simply saying that I believe her.

She is a humble and adorable girl. After Lin Yuan said that he believed her, the counterattack point was increased by another 150 points.

Qiu Wanxi was originally slightly vigilant and afraid. However, vigilance and fear were now missing from her eyes. Lin Yuan did not like blueberry flavor ice cream. In the novel, Qiu Wanxi’s likes were described. Thus, he purposefully ordered them. He neither liked nor hated blueberry flavor ice cream.

He looked at the favourability panel and found that her favourability had risen by 30 points.

Although she had not dressed beautifully and even her hair was slightly messy, but she was born with a beautiful appearance. Her white and rosy face, along with two innocent and pure big eyes, give a favorable impression to anyone who looks at her.

Lin Yuan looked at the adorable girl in front of him as she cautiously scooped ice cream into her mouth and felt incredibly happy.

“Is it delicious?”

“Super… super delicious.”

Half an hour later.

“I… I have finished eating,” Qiu Wanxi looked at Lin Yuan slightly nervously.

She ate for a long time because of her nervousness. Lin Yuan had finished much earlier and had been waiting for her.

Lin Yuan saw the nervousness of Qiu Wanxi.

“It’s okay, don’t worry,” Lin Yuan smiled and wiped off the corner of Qiu Wanxi’s nervous and dirty mouth.


Following Lin Yuan’s movements, Qiu Wanxi’s pink cheeks instantly turned red, making her shy enough to bury her head in the ground.


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