Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 16 You have a great idea, so come work for me!

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Chapter 16 You have a great idea, so come work for me!

“My dream is to open a cake shop. This cake shop doesn’t need to be big but should sell various varieties of cakes. Cheesecakes, honey cakes, mousse cakes…”

“Of course, the shop will not sell black forest cakes…”

“I will operate the shop like this…”

At that time, Qiu Wanxi was chattering and jabbering on and on, she was speaking eloquently, and it looked like she would go on for the entire day. Her face was brimming with confidence and hope, and she seemed to have become a completely different person.

Lin Yuan did not interrupt, rather looked on quietly with a smile.

“Ah! I’m sorry! I got carried away again!” Qiu Wanxi reacted after some time, seeing Lin Yuan smiling at her, and immediately her face blushed red.

“It’s okay, when did you think of these?” Lin Yuan asked.

“I… during the break of my part-time job…I like to indulge in flights of fancy when I have free time…” Qiu Wanxi smilingly said, and her eyes were full of hope.

Looking at those eyes brimming with hope, Lin Yuan felt that Qiu Wanxi resembled a goddess of hope.

He understood Qiu Wanxi’s dream. Qiu Wanxi’s life was like a small sailboat. The dark clouds above the sky and the stormy waves under the boat put the sailboat in a precarious situation. While the store resembled the lighthouse, steering it towards its destination.

“Thank you for listening to my blabbering.” Qiu Wanxi said to Lin Yuan happily.

However, she found that Lin Yuan was touching his chin at that time, seemed like pondering about something. Soon after, he took out his mobile phone to send a message to send a text message. She instantly closed her mouth and did not dare to breathe loudly.

“Well… I feel you have a great idea, so come work for me.” Lin Yuan suddenly said.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Qiu Wanxi froze for a moment and subconsciously asked, “Work? What kind of work do I do for you?”

Lin Yuan pointed to a cake shop in front of them and said: “I was thinking about entering the baking industry recently. Have you seen this cake shop? I just texted to bought it. I feel that your idea is great, so I want you to be the store manager and give it a try.”

“Huh?!” Qiu Wanxi was stupefied hearing Lin Yuan’s words as any ordinary man would.

“How can this be…” Qiu Wanxi believed when Lin Yuan said that he bought the cake shop with a text message, but how could she be the store manager, so she repeatedly waved her hands.

However, Lin Yuan did not wait for her to finish speaking, and interrupted, “I will wait for you at this place tomorrow at noon. In any case, I did not spend a lot of money to buy this cake shop. It is up to you to decide whether to come or not.”

Lin Yuan stoked Qiu Wanxi’s head after he finished speaking, got in the car, and drove off without looking back at her.

She stood there with a dazed expression on her face and watched the figure gradually drift away. After hesitating for a while, she decided!

She didn’t have any confidence in being an adequate store manager and did not want to accept the gift, but she decided to come over here the next day. Qiu Wanxi did not have the extravagant hope of being the cake shop manager. She was just afraid that if she didn’t come the following day, she would never see Lin Yuan again in her life.

To see Lin Yuan again, Qiu Wanxi decided she must come over here!


At that time, Lin Yuan, sitting in the car, was having a conversation with Shen Lan.

Shen Lan: “Host, you have done a great job today! You have earned a lot of counterattack points through your interactions with Qiu Wanxi! And also brushed up Qiu Wanxi’s favorability! But there is a problem that you have still not discovered.”

Lin Yuan: “Oh!”

Shen Lan: ‘Today, although you were good to Qiu Wanxi, it seemed more like a friend. However, the friendship between opposite sexes will reach a limit, and you will be stuck at that small favorability forever. According to your performance today, as long as you created a romantic atmosphere, the favorability might have soared greatly.”

Lin Yuan said with a smile, “Why do you think that I didn’t discover it.”

Shen Lan was dumbfounded: “Ah!”

Lin Yuan said, “Sometimes, it is unwise to be eager and impatient. Acting wisely and slowly will make things smoother. The long-time accumulation will result in an outbreak at some point in time. Also, the system panel is useful. However, data remains static while people are not, so it is unreliable at many times.[1]

“Mysterious…Shen Lan can’t understand…” Shen Lan’s voice sounded young, like a muddle-headed little Loli.


The Next Day

Lin Yuan came to Yan Ruyue’s house as before to treat Song Xuan. Song Xuan was treated in a large room, and Yan Ruyue was also present there.

Lying in bed, Song Xuan, who was receiving treatment, took the initiative to chat with Lin Yuan.

“Xiao Yuan, you are an excellent young man. You are not only handsome, but you also have a good family background, you conduct yourself with dignity in society, and your medical skill has reached perfection[2].”

“Tut tut![3] Unfortunately, some people don’t know how to cherish it.” Song Xuan intentionally praised him in front of Yan Ruyue.

Yan Ruyue, sitting in the chair beside him, stayed silent when she heard it. She knew the meaning of her mother but said nothing.

Lin Yuan said with a smile: “This is no big deal. On the other hand, Aunt Song’s ability is truly remarkable. Aunt Song Xuan, you have created a lot of legends in the business world. Moreover, your skin is so well maintained; that whoever sees it will think that it is the milky flesh of a young girl.

Lin Yuan did not exaggerate, because Song Xuan could become the master of the Yan family thanks to her remarkable ability.

Lin Yuan came into contact with her skin due to acupuncture, and felt that her skin was as satiny as a young girl.

Especially with the conditioning of his acupuncture, Song Xuan’s entire skin became rosier and younger.

“Oh![4] Xiao Yuan, you really know how to sweet-talk! Your old aunt can’t accept your exaggerated praise.” Although she said so, Song Xuan’s face was already smiling.

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[1] I had commented that author said about favorability here. I am not 100 percent sure but I think there is another comment by the author which suggests that maybe the data shows the highest reached favorability of the heroine and not present favorability. I am not 100 percent sure whether it was a comment by a reader or the author. But informing you guys who don’t like emotions calculated numerically.

[2] Has reached perfection is an idiom meaning that he has very high achievements in the field of medicine.

[3] To click one’s tongue. Basically, she is getting reading to speak.

[4] Oh my God can also be used

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