Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 17 Near-Death of the Iris flowering plant!

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Chapter 17 Near-Death of the Iris flowering plant!

Lin Yuan’s praise was well directed. He praised her achievements in the business community, which Song Xuan is very proud of, in the beginning. He then praised her beauty, which is her weak spot. Which woman on this planet does not like others boasting about her beauty and attractiveness? The crucial factor is that Lin Yuan is not only the heir of the juggernaut Lin family but also is a dashing and outstanding young man.

“How nice would it be if you were my son, alas, it’s a pity.” The reclining Song Xuan stretched out her waist and sighed with regret.

“…” Yan Ruyue, on the side, continued to remain silent, saying nothing.

She is the cold president of the company in front of others. However, Song Xuan had raised her alone, and Yan Ruyue is simply an obedient daughter in front of her. The resistance shown to Song Xuan when Lin Yuan had last visited, was her sole outrageous defiance of her mother.

She did not expect Song Xuan to get so angry that she fainted, and now she dared not show a rebellious attitude in front of her mother.

“Wipe my sweat,” Lin Yuan commanded Yan Ruyue.

Yan Ruyue picked up the handkerchief silently and wiped off his sweat carefully.

Lin Yuan was treating her mother, to not affect the treatment, Yan Ruyue wiped Lin Yuan’s sweat obediently.

Yan Ruyue appeared to be more skilled compared to the first time she had wiped off his sweat.

The fragrance of the elegant beauty would linger in his nose as her white hand wiped clean the sweat. Lin Yuan was very comfortable while treating Song Xuan.

Soon, the acupuncture treatment ended.

Lin Yuan put away the needles and also tactfully declined Song Xuan’s invitation to stay for dinner.

He got up and was preparing to leave. Seeing Lin Yuan get up, Yan Ruyue also got up. She was preparing to send off Lin Yuan. After all, Lin Yuan had worked hard to help Song Xuan cure the disease.

Song Xuan had raised her alone and was her only surviving parent. As Lin Yuan had saved Song Xuan, Yan Ruyue’s impression of him had improved. Watching Yan Ruyue take the initiative to get up and see him off, Song Xuan nodded with satisfaction.

The two walked out of the room side by side.

Lin Yuan discovered that Yan Ruyue was wearing a professional suit today, a dress for women in the workplace. Her beautiful hair was in a slightly mature bun on top of her head. This, coupled with her beautiful and aloof face, made her a model iceberg president. Yan Ruyue’s perfect curves are vividly and thoroughly displayed under her suit. Her perfectly fine jade-like long legs could certainly drive men crazy and women envious. This suit seemed to be created just for Yan Ruyue, as it made people unable to look away from her, but at the same time afraid to stare at her.

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