Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 18.2 Yan Ruyue asks for help! Help me, please, save it! Part 2

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After walking dozens of meters, Yan Ruyue, holding Lin Yuan’s hands, reached a tree.

The tree was hardly reaching the height of one person, but its branches and leaf were dense.

However, these branches and leaves appear to be unhealthy, dried up, and of yellow color.

As soon as they reached the tree, Yan Ruyue changed to herself to her usual reserved, uncommunicative self and began to speak quickly.

“Xiaozi started to turn yellow gradually two years ago. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter, it has been gradually turning yellow; And its lifeforce is incessantly elapsing, I don’t know why it is happening. What’s going on?”

“I investigated that Xiaozi’s lifespan shouldn’t be so short. After that, I poured it with water and fertilizer. I don’t know why Xiaozi is dying! Help me, please, save it.”

Finally, the iceberg president Yan Ruyue had a pleading tone as she asked for help.

Xiaozi was the most important thing besides her mother, Song Xuan, in her life.

“Miss Yan speak slowly, don’t be so anxious; Can you let go of my hands first?” Even though Yan Ruyue’s tone was pleading, Lin Yuan said indifferently.

Yan Ruyue reacted immediately after hearing Lin Yuan’s words. At that moment, she was clasping Lin Yuan’s hands tightly.

Yan Ruyue’s attractive face blushed red and she released his hand quickly. This was the first time she had held a man’s hand. She didn’t expect that she would take the initiative to hold it for so long.

In her anxiousness, she had pinched Lin Yuan’s hand, making it a little red.

Seeing this, she promptly apologized, “Sorry, I was too anxious.”

“It’s okay,” Lin shook his head unconcernedly.

It just looked a little red, and Yan Ruyue’s little tender hands will not cause any harm to him, but he is still satisfied with her apology.

“Lin Yuan, your medical skills are so remarkable, please look and tell me if you can cure it. If you can do so, I can get you whatever you want.” Yan Ruyue’s beautiful eyes were full of tension and hope.

She was afraid of Lin Yuan refusing or saying he couldn’t cure it.

Lin Yuan did not answer, but walked around ‘Xiao Zi’.

“This is the Chinese yew (Taxus Chinensis). Chinese yew is also known as red bean yew because it produces red bean-shaped fruits. Paclitaxel[1] extracted from yew can fight cancer, so yew is also called biological gold. Moreover, yew also has a special efficacy on the prevention and treatment of tumors, cancer, leukemia, diabetes, etc.” Lin Yuan said while observing the plant.

“Correct! It’s precisely the Chinese yew! It was planted by my dad. He had a tumor at that time!” Yan Ruyue was very excited, “Can you cure it?”

“Um…” Lin Yuan seemed to ponder.

Seeing Lin Yuan look like this, Yan Ruyue’s thumping heart sank.

“Can’t it be cured?” Yan Ruyue felt very sad.

“No, it can be cured, and it’s simple.” Lin Yuan had a weird look on his face.


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[1] Taxol (a.k.a. Paclitaxel), mitotic inhibitor used in cancer chemotherapy

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