Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 19.2 I want one iris flowering plant! Part 2

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It seemed to be alluding to her and Lin Yuan. Yan Ruyue felt that in a short two days.

She hasn’t changed, but Lin Yuan seemed to have undergone a complete transformation. She indeed possesses deep prejudice in her heart towards Lin Yuan.

Is that prejudice also like that big tree with roots?

【Ding! The hostess Yan Ruyue’s favorability + 5 points! Counterattack points +100!] The system sent a reminder of the reward in his mind.

“Have you heard clearly? Dispose of the trunk and remove the roots of the big tree at the same time, then the Chinese Yew will naturally heal without needing any cure.” Lin Yuan said.

Yan Ruyue roused up after hearing Lin Yuan’s words.

“hear… I have heard! I will have someone cut this tree and clear the roots at the same time today!”

“And thank you very much! Truly thanks a lot!”

“I planted this tree together with my dad. When I was young, my dad often accompanied me to play under the tree. This tree is very important to me. Thank you very much…”

Yan Ruyue, who was always cold, was very grateful to Lin Yuan today and kept thanking her.

【Ding! Counterattack points +100!]

Another reward reminder sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

“It’s okay. I just spoke a couple of sentences, that’s all.” Lin Yuan said indifferently.

Looking at Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue felt very unfamiliar. In the past, Lin Yuan always wanted to make discreet inquiries about her various affairs. But, now she took the initiative to tell the secrets of her childhood, yet Lin Yuan had an aloof appearance.

She set aside the strange feeling and said, “Regardless, you still helped me, and I owe you a big favor. You can mention anything you want.”

“Will you reward anything I want?” Lin Yuan said smilingly.

While speaking those words, Lin Yuan gazed at Yan Ruyue’s attractive and beautiful body.

The figure under the office suit can be rated as perfect, especially her private place and taut calf were very tempting for all men.

Sensing the inspection of Lin Yuan’s eyes, Yan Ruyue’s body was tense with nervousness. Could it be that Lin Yuan wants that kind of reward? Yan Ruyue was very nervous.

“The reward I want is…”

“An iris flowering plant. When the iris flowering plant is saved, just give it to me in an exquisite flower pot.

Yan Ruyue did not expect that Lin Yuan quickly looked away and then said in an indifferent tone.

“What? Iris? You want an iris flowering plant!” Yan Ruyue was tangled due to his great favor.

‘Do you want to sacrifice a little bit of your body?’

She didn’t expect Lin Yuan wanted an iris flowering plant as compensation for his favor.

Just an iris flowering plant!

Yan Ruyue was slightly dumbfounded.


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