Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 20 I use my scum ability; what are you scolding me for?

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Chapter 20 I use my scum ability; what are you scolding me for?

“Yes.” Lin Yuan didn’t say much.

“Send it to my house when the time comes, I need to deal with some matter so I will take my leave.” After he finished speaking, Lin Yuan decisively turned around to leave.

Yan Ruyue nibbled her red lips watching Lin Yuan leave so firmly.

What is the meaning of this?

He helped her so much but only asked for a worthless iris flower as compensation?

‘It may have only taken a few words for Lin Yuan to resolve the problem, but those words from him have solved a significant matter of her!’

Lin Yuan only wanted a single iris flowering plant, which was more uncomfortable for Yan Ruyue than had he demanded ten million as compensation.

However, looking at the decisive departure of Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue knew that Lin Yuan had earnestly spoken those words, choosing not to raise the price tag.

When she saw Lin Yuan sitting inside the Lamborghini, Yan Ruyue gritted her teeth and ran up to him quickly.

She untied the necklace from her neck and stuffed it into Lin Yuan’s hands.

Yan Ruyue quickly turned around and departed away after she finished speaking her words, “This sapphire necklace can barely be my compensation for you. The iris flowering plant that you spoke of will also be given to you.”

Yan Ruyue felt that blood had rushed to her face as she ran back to the villa.

Lin Yuan saw that Yan Ruyue’s white and delicate ears turned beef red as she ran away from him.

“Necklace!” Despite the surprise, Lin Yuan smiled as he looked at the necklace in his hand. He then stepped on the accelerator and drove away.

In the garden, Yan Ruyue watched the big tree next to ‘Xiao Zi’ topple over loudly.

Lin Yuan’s words from a while ago replayed in her mind.

‘You haven’t changed, but it doesn’t mean it won’t change.’

‘The prejudice in people’s hearts is like a big tree with roots.’

Yan Ruyue felt complicated in her heart.

【Ding! The heroine Yan Ruyue’s impression of you has changed slightly! Favorability + 5 points! Counterattack points +150】

Lin Yuan heard the reward prompt of the system again while sitting in the Lamborghini.

Shen Lan exclaimed in surprise, “Wow! Host, you are too powerful! You got so many counterattack points from Yan Ruyue!”

“And not only did you get counterattack points from her, but Yan Ruyue also gave you a necklace worn on her neck! Host, you are amazing!”

“Isn’t this because of the good foundation I laid?” Lin Yuan laughingly said.

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