Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 20.2 I use my scum ability; what are you scolding me for? Part 2

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He knew that rescuing Yan Ruyue’s plant ‘Xiao Zi’ might improve her favorability.

However, he didn’t expect Yan Ruyue to give him her worn necklace as compensation.

The necklace that Miss Yan, one of the four beauties of Jiangbei, had worn, would have a starting price of a million in an auction.

After Lin Yuan observed the necklace, he discovered that the sapphire on this sapphire necklace was worth 7 million. Thus, the necklace’s value would be above ten million! Combined with the fact that Yan Ruyue had worn the necklace on her neck, the necklace’s value would significantly increase.

An auctioned item could be bought at several times its original value. He never expected Yan Ruyue to compensate him by giving the necklace so decisively.

Shen Lan asked again: “But then, why did the host ask for an iris flowering plant as compensation? Is the iris flowering plant valuable? If you took the initiative to demand remuneration, you might have got something more valuable than this necklace.”

Lin Yuan laughingly replied, “There is nothing more rewarding than asking for an iris flowering plant. I had done a great favor for Yan Ruyue. If I took the initiative to ask for something and obtained something worth 100 million, then the favor would have been repaid. The gains would not make up for the losses. And this necklace was given to me by Yan Ruyue on her initiative and implied many meanings. I won’t explain it to you one by one as you are an idiot.”

“Humph! Shen Lan is not stupid at all!” Shen Lan’s said in her immature voice, her voice sounded like a whine from a teenage girl, making it very cute.

Shen Lan spoke again, “Moreover, host, the words you spoke a while ago were philosophical. You have not changed, but it doesn’t mean that it will not change. The prejudice in people’s hearts is like a big tree with roots. It is simply suggesting that you have changed, so Yan Ruyue’s attitude towards you should also change. Host, why are you stirring up her emotions like that? Did you do a course on multilevel marketing?”

Lin Yuan mocked, “Multilevel marketing my ass! Since the counterattack points have risen by so much, why did the favorability increase by only ten points?”

Shen Lan said, “In the words of the host, the big tree’s trunk is removed, but there are still some branches left for eradication.”

Lin Yuan laughed, “Don’t be so jocular, speak properly, why will you use my reasoning to educate me?”

Shen Lan replied, “Ok, I guess, there should be two reasons. The first is that prejudice is too deep, and the second is that because Yan Ruyue is the first heroine, it will be more difficult to raise her favorability compared to other female hostesses.”

Lin Yuan touched his chin thoughtfully, “Indeed, the favorability of the heroine should be very difficult to increase; If you think about it, my Qiu Wanxi is lovelier; so, I will give her this necklace.”

Shen Lan: “Ah! Host, you are a slag man! This is a necklace worn by Yan Ruyue that she gifted you! And you want to give it to Qiu Wanxi? Give it to another woman?”

Lin Yuan: “I use my scum ability; what are you scolding me for?”

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