Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 21.1 You will have to work a lifetime for me Part 1

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Chapter 21 You will have to work a lifetime for me

Lin Yuan soon arrived in front of the cake shop in his fast Lamborghini.

Upon getting off the car, Lin Yuan saw a timid girl was standing there. She was Qiu Wanxi.

Qiu Wanxi had also seen Lin Yuan. She wanted to call out to Lin Yuan, but she didn’t dare to do it.

Lin Yuan smiled and waved.

“I arrived so early, how long have you waited?” Lin Yuan asked with a smile.

It was only 11:50 at that time, and the appointment time fixed yesterday was noon. Qiu Wanxi obviously came early.

“Um! I came a little early,” Qiu Wanxi replied meekly.

In fact, Qiu Wanxi had been waiting there for almost an hour.

No one knows how restless she was last night. As soon as she closed her eyes last night, Lin Yuan’s face would appear before her eyes. She spent the entire night thinking about Lin Yuan’s actions and expressions during the day.

“Ahhhh-hhaaaaaa!” Having not slept well, Qiu Wanxi yawned.

Lin Yuan stroked her head, “Your dark circles make you look like a panda, what did you do that you didn’t sleep well at night.”

Qiu Wanxi closed her eyes, feeling very comfortable when Lin Yuan stroked her head.

But upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, her face turned completely red because she couldn’t tell Lin Yuan that she was thinking of him all at night.

“This necklace is for you.” Lin Yuan handed over the sapphire necklace to Qiu Wanxi.

“Ah! This necklace is expensive, so I cannot accept it.” Qiu Wanxi repeatedly waved her hands when she saw this sapphire necklace seemed very valuable.

“Your rejection is invalid. It is my apology to you as I came late, and it is of little value to me. Wear it obediently.” Lin Yuan’s “overbearingly” reached out and put the sapphire necklace on Qiu Wanxi’s neck. Qiu Wanxi watched Lin Yuan quickly and easily put the necklace on her neck.

She was also somewhat accustomed to Lin Yuan’s “overbearingly” saying, that your rejection is invalid. Although she rejected it verbally, Qiu Wanxi still felt very sweet.

“Come on now, go in and check out the shop. You will be the owner of this cake shop in the future.”

Lin Yuan pulled Qiu Wanxi into the cake shop, and Qiu Wanxi did not resist.

As soon as they entered the store, two beautiful young girls standing at the door bowed and said, “Hello, young master.”

“Hmm.” Lin Yuan answered and went inside with Qiu Wanxi.

He bought the cake shop directly yesterday. The two girls were his staff. After entering the store, Qiu Wanxi looked around curiously.

This cake shop was neither small nor big, but the decoration was exquisite, and the arrangement of cakes was neat. The cake shop seemed a carbon copy of her dreams; no, it exceeded her wildest imaginations.

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