Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 22.1 The plan will be initiated ahead of time! Part 1

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Chapter 22 The plan will be initiated ahead of time!

“Okay, then you will be the boss of this cake shop in the future. By the way, your shop doesn’t have a name yet, so you give it a name.” Lin Yuan said.

“Just… just call it Hope Cake Shop.” Qiu Wanxi thought for a while before saying.

“Hope Cake Shop, I hope to see Master Lin every day. I hope that Master Lin will forever remain happy and always live as he wants. I hope to live up to the expectations of Master Lin and operate a good cake shop to make money for Lin Yuan…”

Qiu Wanxi focused on Lin Yuan while saying the name of the store; her heart was brimming with hope for the future.

【Ding! Counterattack points +50!] The system sent a reward reminder.

Lin Yuan probably also felt the affection of Qiu Wanxi and said with a smile, “Hope Cake Shop is a great name.”

“Xiao He and Xiao Lian, she will be your new store manager from now on.”

Lin Yuan instructed the two delicate and pretty young girls.

“Yes, young master!” Xiao He and Xiao Lian nodded.

The two then turned their heads towards Qiu Wanxi and said while bowing, “Hello, store manager.”

“You… hello…” Qiu Wanxi greeted like this, said quickly.

“Don’t be nervous, Xiao He and Xiao Lian are very capable and obedient. Come on! You can do it.” Lin Yuan smiled at Qiu Wanxi and said.

“Hmm!” Qiu Wanxi nodded gravely.

Lin Yuan departed after he had finished speaking.

Not only were Xiao He and Xiao Lian very capable, but Qiu Wanxi also had a good plan herself, so Lin Yuan believed that Qiu Wanxi could run the store well.

He remembered that in the original novel, Qiu Wanxi also opened a cake shop, and achieved remarkable success in operating it.

The cake shop became a well-known brand, and she opened nationwide chains of it.

Thus, Qiu Wanxi had the potential of operating a cake shop.

Besides, if she fails, it doesn’t matter, it is just a few millions.

It is peanuts for someone like him who is worth billions of yuan.

Also, Qiu Wanxi provided him with more than 1000 counterattack points, which, if converted, would be more than one billion yuan.

Although Lin Yuan did not care about it, it did not mean that Qiu Wanxi would not.

In the periphery of the China World Trade Centre, Qiu Wanxi knew that it was difficult to buy such a shop. But Lin Yuan gave it to her directly, and let her be the store manager while also trusting her a lot.

“Come on! Work hard! I must make the Hope Cake Shop famous! I want to make money for Master Lin! I also want to help Master Lin just like he helped me!” Qiu Wanxi’s eyes ignited with a raging inferno; she was brimming with enthusiasm for achieving her goals.

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