Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 21.2 You will have to work a lifetime for me Part 2

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As soon as they entered the store, two beautiful young girls standing at the door bowed and said, “Hello, young master.”

“Hmm.” Lin Yuan answered and went inside with Qiu Wanxi.

He bought the cake shop directly yesterday. The two girls were his staff. After entering the store, Qiu Wanxi looked around curiously.

This cake shop was neither small nor big, but the decoration was exquisite, and the arrangement of cakes was neat. The cake shop seemed a carbon copy of her dreams; no, it exceeded her wildest imaginations.

After taking Qiu Wanxi for a tour of the shop, Lin Yuan found a table and sat down, while ordering the two girls to bring two cups of milk tea.

As soon as they sat down, Qiu Wanxi spoke first, “Master Lin, I can’t be the store manager, I just want to be your good friend, I can’t accept this cake shop as a gift.”

Although she was afraid Lin Yuan would get angry, Qiu Wanxi couldn’t accept the cake shop that Lin Yuan gifted her.

She felt that if she accepted it, her heart would be anxious.

Lin Yuan said with a smile: “Who said that I was gifting you a cake shop?”

“Eh?” Qiu Wanxi was a little stupefied hearing Lin Yuan’s words.

Then Lin Yuan handed Qiu Wanxi a business contract. Qiu Wanxi took it and looked at the terms in it. After reading the contract thoroughly, Qiu Wanxi relaxed a lot.

“As mentioned in the contract, I will lend you this store worth 2.5 million, including 500,000 as start-up capital.”

“If the business operation is not good, then I will take back the store and the lent money. If you are business does well, you will have to pay me back double the amount of money, which is five million.”

“It’s not a gift.”

Lin Yuan explained with a smile.

Lin Yuan knew that Qiu Wanxi was unlikely to accept the help of others, so he could only give it to her by saying that he had lent her this store.

After seeing the terms and conditions in the contract, Qiu Wanxi had relaxed a lot.

However, she still concernedly spoke, “Master Lin, if I fail, I, I don’t have any money to pay you…”

Looking at Qiu Wanxi’s earnest face frowning, and a sour expression appearing on her adorable face, Lin Yuan pinched her pink cheeks, “Don’t worry, I still have a lot of jobs vacant. If you lose money, you will have to work a lifetime for me.”

Either due to Lin Yuan’s action or his words, Qiu Wanxi’s entire face, right up to her earlobes, turned beef red at once.

“Besides, I heard your plan yesterday. I think it is feasible and will not fail. You should sign it, little boss Wanxi.”

Lin Yuan stroked her head again.

“Then… all right…” She mumbled a few words.

Qiu Wanxi still signed the contract with a trembling hand.

Her dream was right in front of her. After her contact with Lin Yuan, she had realized that when Lin Yuan decided something, it would be difficult to alter it. He spoke that he wanted her to be the boss of the shop so she will be the boss of the store.

The most important thing was:

“Being the owner of the cake shop and helping Master Lin’s work, you can always see Master Lin in the future.” Qiu Wanxi thought in her heart when she signed the contract.


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