Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 22.2 The plan will be initiated ahead of time! Part 2

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Xiao He and Xiao Lian were whispering to each other on the side.

Xiao He said: “Look at the store manager, her eyes are brimming with love and hard work willpower[1], it seems that she has a crush on the young master.”

Xiao Lian said: “What nonsense are you speaking of? The young master is handsome and rich, who doesn’t like him? I envy the store manager if only I can have a relationship with the young master…”

Xiao He said, “Don’t daydream, you are already lucky to be able to say a few words to a ‘Mr. Perfect’ like the young master.”

Xiao Lian said, “Who wouldn’t like such an outstanding man?”

As soon as Lin Yuan walked out of the cake shop, he found someone calling him.

He took out his mobile phone and found that the caller was his bodyguard Long Er[2].

“Young Master! We detected that the Ye Feng, you mentioned, has boarded the plane! He will probably arrive in Jiangbei City tomorrow!” Long Er said.

“Okay, I see, continue to check his movements.” Lin Yuan ordered.

Soon after crossing, Lin Yuan had been on his guard against Ye Feng, who was returning from abroad. Hence, he let his subordinates monitor whether anyone named Ye Feng is flying back to Jiangbei.

It was a clear violation of privacy. However, it was no big deal for Lin Yuan, whose backing was the colossal Lin Group.

“Today is a day earlier than his return time in the original novel.” Lin Yuan pondered deeply.

Shen Lan: “This shows that the host is already changing the story world and has affected the course of events! Ye Feng’s early return is the adjustment made by the world!”

Lin Yuan: “I understand, can this be considered a good thing? Otherwise, if it was the same as before, Ye Feng will ruin my family again, and I will be destitute and homeless.”

Shen Lan: “Yes, host! Your actions have already threatened Ye Feng, and you have begun to reverse the course of the story!

Lin Yuan: “In that case, the plan will be initiated ahead of time.”

Lin Yuan stepped on the Lamborghini’s accelerator and drove speedily toward a place with a hidden gleam in his eyes.

Jiangbei City, Xiling District, Zunhuang KTV

Inside the best VIP box of Zunhuang KTV, a group of people was singing songs.

Wang Ergou embraced two beautiful women with heavy makeup on his two sides, his hands were incessantly exploring their bodies, and there was an enjoyable expression on his face.

“Brother Gou! Brother Gou!” A younger brother[3] to his side shouted twice.

“What’s the matter?” Wang Ergou annoyingly said, feeling his pleasure time disturbed.

“I just saw a luxury car parked in the parking lot! Guess what car it is? Lamborghini!” The younger brother excitedly said.

“Oh? Lamborghini, he is a rich man. But what if he is wealthy? Didn’t he still come here to deliver money to us? Hahaha!” Wang Ergou laughed.

“Brother Gou is awesome!” His younger brother flattered him at once.

“He came here in a Lamborghini. I guess he is an ignorant rich second generation. Pay attention to him and see if he is a cash cow. Just inform me is he is a cash cow, and I will slaughter him completely,” said Wang Ergou.

“Okay, Brother Gou,” said his underling.

“I’m going to the toilet, baby, don’t run around, mua[4].” Wang Ergou had drunk a lot of alcohol, and couldn’t contain his urine much longer. After talking to the two prostitutes next to him, he left the box alone.

“It’s annoying, which ba**rd is occupying my toilet in the karaoke box? Come out and show your face to your grandfather!” Wang Ergou was standing in the public toilet in the KTV, arrogantly booing and hitting the door wildly, he even threw out the urinal pool.


Suddenly, Wang Ergou felt something against his waist, and a chill ran down his spine!

“Don’t move.” An indifferent voice sounded in Wang Ergou’s ear.


Author Notes:

Lin Yuan has shown a tendency to abuse the protagonist from the beginning. Although, many of us are aware, data privacy is a serious issue in the modern world. While the novel is using it in a light tone, we do need laws to ensure our privacy protection in the modern world. BE alert on the internet!


[1] Dedication to work hard can be used here.

[2] I want to know from your guys whether you want this name to be translated in English say Dragon Two or Long Two.

[3] A modest term for male friends, young male servants, subordinates, or male waiters.

[4] It is again an onomatopoeia, in that ‘mua’ is the sound made when we kiss, which is how it is pronounced in Chinese. Teenagers also use 3333333 as the symbol for a kiss.

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