Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 23.2 The surrender of Wang Ergou! Part 2

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But the next second, a silver needle appeared on Wang Ergou’s neck.

“Ah!” Wang Ergou felt unbearable pain and couldn’t help yelling[1].

However, he found that his mouth had been fixed to the edge of the toilet bowl, and he couldn’t call out.

Immediately, another silver needle was inserted, and his body was racked with pain again.

It is not that Wang Ergou has never tortured others. He once put a toothpick between the fingers of a man and smashed the hand on the wall. He also instructed his men to hold the chin of a person on the table while he slapped there continuously till it was crooked. But he had never felt such anguish in his life.

Every insertion of the silver needle hurt his entire soul.

Soon dozens of silver needles were inserted into Wang Ergou’s neck!

Lin Yuan did all this indifferently. His god-level medical skills could heal people, and at the same time, kill people.

Wang Ergou endured pain equivalent to ten lifetimes of suffering. Then, he finally found his mouth released from the edge of the toilet bowl.

The instant he could speak, he did not yell in pain but repeatedly begged for mercy.

“I was wrong! Whatever you want me to do! I will do it! I will do it all!” Wang Ergou looked hideous at that moment, bleeding from the seven apertures of the human head and covered in tears.

But, to his despair, the seemingly supernatural being in front of him did not say a word.

Then he continued to insert the silver needles into his body with ease!

The wailing sound continued without end.

“I will do anything!”

“I’ll do what you ask me to do for you!”

“Please, please spare me! Let me die!”

Wang Ergou kept pleading. He regretted that he came to KTV that day a lot. He regretted that he didn’t agree with Lin Yuan at the beginning. He regretted that he was born in this world.

Lin Yuan stopped after inserting all the silver needles from the needle stick.

At that time, Wang Ergou’s eyes were already full of surrender and pleading.

Lin Yuan knew that Wang Ergou had totally surrendered then.

To make a person completely surrender, you must not accept when he first surrenders. You must continue to increase your efforts to train an obedient dog.

He took back all the silver needles from Wang Ergou’s body and relieved the acupuncture at the same time.

Wang Ergou found that he could move. After he could move, Wang Ergou’s first reaction was not to yell for help or attack Lin Yuan.

Instead, he knelt on both knees in front of Lin Yuan, pressed his head on the ground, and said in a humbly: “Sir, if you have anything to do, you just need to order me. I will do it with all my strength, and will not hesitate to even sacrifice my life.”


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[1] Howl in pain

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