Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 24 Coercing the supporting role! Loyalty Panel appears!

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Chapter 24 Coercing the supporting role! Loyalty Panel appears!

Wang Ergou was immensely terrified. He felt that the man in front of him was a Demon. He knew it was useless for him to resist. He had already experienced an overwhelming amount of pain, and he never wanted to live through that experience again.

“Your patron is the underground emperor of Xiling District, Gu Qingshan, right?’ Lin Yuan asked indifferently.

“Yes, that’s right. How did you know my lord?” Wang Ergou was flabbergasted. A handful of people knew about this matter, what exactly is Lin Yuan’s identity.

“Boss Qingshan offended you? Do you want me to attack him? Kill him?” Wang Ergou gritted his teeth.

Although it was difficult to kill Gu Qingshan, he was willing to do anything than endure being racked with pain.

“Is a younger brother of Gu Qingshan coming home soon? Lin Yuan asked.

Wang Ergou froze for a moment, before replying, “Yes! Gu Qingshan has a younger called Ye Feng, who will return to China tomorrow!”

“You oversee this matter. When Ye Feng returns, Gu Qingshan will surely let you take care of him. Your job is to report Ye Feng’s news to me at all times.” Lin Yuan said.

Wang Ergou was flabbergasted, hearing Lin Yuan’s words.

“It’s that simple?” Wang Ergou asked in amazement.

“It’s that simple.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s confirmation, Wang Ergou deeply regretted his actions, but it was too late for that. If he knew it was so simple, why would he resist such a demon?

He was tortured for such a long time in vain!

I will surely and cautiously keep an eye on Ye Feng for you, and report his news to you at the right time.” As he finished speaking, Wang Ergou knocked his head on the ground, forcefully a few times.

“Eat this!” Lin Yuan dropped a pill casually.

“This…Okay! I’ll eat it!” Wang Ergou was stunned for a moment, but he ate it after gritting his teeth.

Lin Yuan was quite satisfied with his approach, “This pill is highly poisonous, and the poison will flare up every seven days. If there is no antidote at that time, the seven apertures of the human head will bleed, and you will die. There are three antidotes in this bottle. I will watch your performance and decide whether to continue giving you antidotes three weeks later.” Lin spoke while dropping a bottle containing the pills.

Wang Ergou put it away quickly and carefully.

Lin Yuan would not be at ease with trusting Wang Ergou to do the task without the means of suppressing him.

Therefore, he was already prepared to give him poison pills and its antidotes to solve the problem.

【Ding! Coercing supporting role! The loyalty panel has opened! 】

At that moment, a system prompt appeared in Lin Yuan’s mind.

Lin Yuan opened the system panel and found there was an extra loyalty subpanel in his mind.

Wang Ergou: Loyalty 80

“It is already very high if you consider coercing him to be loyal.” Lin Yuna thought. In any case, Wang Ergou’s life was in his hands.

“I have already sent you a text message detailing what matters you have to report to me.” Lin Yuan said after placing the phone in the pocket.

Wang Ergou quickly glanced at the text message and immediately said, “Don’t worry, godfather. I will surely accomplish the mission you gave.”

“Godfather is a vulgar name. Call me Young Master,” Lin Yuan didn’t like to be addressed as Godfather.

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