Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 24.2 Coercing the supporting role! Loyalty Panel appears! Part 2

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“Yes, Young Master.” Wang Ergou addressed quickly.

“You should be aware that the right of inheritance Gu Qingshan promised you have already been transferred to Ye Feng. As long as you work well, Gu Qingshan’s position will be yours in the future, do you understand?” Lin Yuan emphasized again.

Wang Ergou had a cheerful look upon hearing that.

In his opinion, Lin Yuan was a God-like man and had mysterious means.

His backing is Gu Qingshan, Gu Qinshan’s brother, Ye Feng, is returning to China, the transfer of inheritance rights- All this news is only known to a handful of people, and among them, there is some news that no one else knows apart from Gu Qingshan and himself.

However, Lin Yuan seemed to be aware of everything.

Wang Ergou could tell that Lin Yuan’s bodily possessions were worth tens of millions. His limited-edition watch, Park Philippe, alone was worth around five to six million. He was definitely a big shot!

“Understood Young Master, you can rest assured!” Wang Ergou’s face was brimming with joy.

【Ding! Wang Ergou loyalty +10! 】Another system prompt arrived in his mind.

He was simply using the carrot and stick approach to achieve his goals. Although it was a simple approach, at most times, it was quite effective.

The key in this approach is whether the stick you use is painful enough, and the carrot you give is delicious enough.

Lin Yuan turned around and went out of the toilet.

Wang Ergou quickly tidied his clothes and followed him out with eagerness.

“Master Gou, why are you here? We have all been waiting for you for a long time!” As soon as he got out of the toilet, Wang Ergou’s younger brothers, as well as some prostitutes, spotted him.

As Wang Ergou had been in the bathroom for a long time, they were slightly baffled and came out to look for him.

However, to their amazement, the usually aloof and remote Wang Ergou was following closely behind a man with eagerness.

A drunken underling said in intoxication, “Gou… Master Gou, who is this kid? He is so handsome. Is he your new… new girlfriend?”


This underling flew straight out the very next second. Wang Ergou had rushed up to his underling and sent him flying with a kick.

“F**k you! Pull down his tongue and cut it off!” Wang Ergou said with a ruthless expression.

This sudden incident scared the hell out of his underlings.

However, they were more shocked to see that when Wang Ergou turned his head around, his face had changed dramatically. He had a flattering expression on his face as he said, “I am sorry, my lord! My men are not sensible. I will deal with all this in a few days.”

Wang Ergou even slapped his face while apologizing to that man. He continued to hit himself until his face began to bleed.

Everyone was petrified to see this scene.

To everyone’s surprise, Lin Yuan said expressionlessly, “Handle the matter and do it well.”

He left after indifferently saying these few words.

“Yes, yes!” Wang Ergou nodded repeatedly.

The underlings, blocking Lin Yuan, quickly stepped aside. They leaned against the wall and were shivering in fright.

Lin Yuan went straight to the parking lot and drove away in his Lamborghini.

An underling named Zhao Kai saw the Lamborghini start from upstairs.

He immediately pointed towards Wang Ergou and said, “Master Gou, the rich man is running away with his Lamborghini. Aren’t we going to make money off him?”

Wang Ergou didn’t even glance at him. He shook his head while thinking inwardly, “I don’t know if my eyesight is bad or I have a dull brain. I don’t know since when I had so many stupid underlings. Forget about all this.”

“Take this Zhao Kai and the one I kicked just a while ago and deal with them.”

Wang Ergou spoke without thinking about this matter deeply. He took out his phone and checked the chat history of Gu Qingshan and himself.

At the same time, he searched for anything related to Ye Feng. He wanted to collect all the information and report it to Lin Yuan.

On the other side, Lin Yuan was driving his Lamborghini with one hand and had a mobile phone in his other hand.

He called on the phone number of his father, Lin Jianjun.

“Hello, what happened, Yuan’er?” Lin Jianjun asked.

“I’m coming to the company, are you there?” Lin Yuan said.

“Your mother and I are both here, what’s the matter?” Lin Jianjun said.

“It is no big deal; I will soon be there.” Lin Yuan didn’t reveal much and hung up the phone.

He needed to deal with some matters over at the Lin family company now.

However, as soon as he put the phone down, Lin Yuan heard a sore squeaking sound.

He had scratched a BMW at the corner of the street!


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