Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 25 Qiao Siying asked you for compensation! Please make a choice!

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Chapter 25 Qiao Siying asked you for compensation! Please make a choice!

The BMW stopped at once. Lin Yuan also stepped on the brakes. Scratching a car is not a major traffic accident; however, it was natural for the parties involved to discuss about compensation.

Just a while ago, Lin Yuan was turning his car while the BMW was going straight forward. One was turning sideways, and the other was going straight forward, so it was reasonable to say that Lin Yuan was solely responsible for the accident.

However, Lin Yuan felt that the two cars should not have run into each other. It was as if the BMW had deliberately come so close to his car. But why would the BMW rub against his Lamborghini?

Was the driver annoyed?

Lin Yuan got off the car immediately without thinking about the matter deeply.

When Lin Yuan got off the car, he found that the owner of the BMW had also gotten off hers.

A white shin stepped out of the car, followed by long golden hair that was dazzling like the sun.

The owner of this BMW was a young, beautiful woman with slender phoenix eyebrows, beautiful eyes like stars glowing in the dark, a sharp exquisite nose, rosy-fragrant cheeks, and ruddy lips. The four facial features matched with her oval face made her appear flawless.

The emerald green cheongsam wrapped up her body, revealing her exquisite figure. She had a solid appearance, giving a feeling that she was of mixed ancestry. The most eye-catching feature was the long golden hair draped over her shoulders, which was as beautiful and dazzling as golden tassels.

A car accident could easily attract the attention of the bystanders. The number of onlookers rapidly increased as the accident involved a Lamborghini on one side and a beautiful woman of mixed ancestry on the other side.

The Lamborghini attracted the attention of some people, but the majority had their eyes glued on the multiracial woman as she was too beautiful.

She was like a star mesmerizing the people looking at her. However, Lin Yuan did not lose his composure while looking at the BMW owner. After all, he had also seen beautiful women of the same grade, such as Yan Ruyue and Qiu Wanxi.

The multiracial woman was indeed beautiful, but her beauty was not matchless. However, Lin Yuan was slightly surprised, looking at the beautiful woman because he knew why the incident of the two cars rubbing off each other occurred.

The system just sounded a reminder to him.

【Ding! You met one of the heroines, Qiao Siying! 】

Hearing the name of Qiao Siying, he knew why the car scratching incident took place.

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