Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 25.2 Qiao Siying asked you for compensation! Please make a choice! Part 2

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Qiao Siying was one of the heroines and indeed of multiracial descent. Her beautiful blonde hair was natural. Qiao Siying’s father married a beautiful foreign woman is a testament to the fact that her mother’s family also had a prestigious status abroad.[1]

The Qiao family’s net worth was not much lower than that of the Lin family; they were immensely wealthy.

But Qiao Siying had a weird personality.

When she returned from studying abroad, she unexpectedly had a slight hatred for the rich.

Yes, hatred for the rich.

As the eldest daughter of a family that owned a conglomerate, worth close to a hundred billion, she had a slight hatred of the rich.

He did not know whether she was brainwashed abroad or if she had accepted an ideology from there, but her brain was filled with ideas of freedom and liberty.

She felt that the rich were guilty.[2]

For instance, the car she drove was a BMW 7 series worth approximately a million yuan.

Her father knew her problem, so he did not allow her to take care of the family business.

The ideas of freedom and equality could not be displayed in front of her family; so, she developed a very strange habit.

Touching porcelain! Yes, touching porcelain![3]

Whenever she finds an opportunity, she looks for a rich second-generation kid and scams him or her. In her bizarre opinion, the rich second-generation kids are up to no good.

Routines such as today were regularly set up by her. Lin Yuan would require a few hundred thousand to repair the scratching of his Lamborghini. On top of that, according to the traffic rules, he would also have to compensate her.

Sure enough, just as Lin Yuan was thinking about this matter, he saw the multiracial beauty Qiao Siying rapidly approaching him in a seemingly angry mood.

“Will you settle in public or privately.” Qiao seemed to have suffered a grievance and looked angry.

Lin Yuan knew she was pretending to be angry.

According to Qiao Siying’s standard routine, people who are generally touched by porcelain will choose to lose money, as they have made a mistake, and she is beautiful.

If the choice is public, Qiao Siying will report to her family and use the influence of the Qiao family to suppress the person.

In short, the other person will suffer.

【Ding! Qiao Siying asked you for compensation! Please make a choice! 】

[Choose: Choose to settle privately, promise compensation, and transfer money to her! Reward: Advanced cooking skills! 】

[Choice: Refuse to settle privately, refuse to compensate! Reward: Advanced ‘Stock Trading’ skills! 】

The system promptly sent him a message.

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[1] I think this line should come after the next paragraph but I am translating the novel as it was written, so I did not change the sequence.

[2] I thought Communism was the philosophy of China. It goes on to show how the world changes when the resident of a communist ideological country in less than half a century declares it a heretical foreign concept. The left has my sympathies here, the whole world is rejecting them so thoroughly. I am not going to write about my political ideology here.

[3] Pèngcí (碰瓷 lit. touching or bumping porcelain) is the practice of crooks placing ostensibly expensive, fragile items (usually porcelain) in places where they may easily be knocked over, allowing them to collect damages when the items are damaged. Recently, pengci has been expanded to include a predominantly Chinese crime where scammers feign injury in traffic accidents in order to extort money from drivers.

I can translate it to scamming.

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