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Chapter 28 Invest the entire 5 billion! I will be responsible for any loss!

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Chapter 28 Invest the entire 5 billion! I will be responsible for any loss!

Lin Yuan knew that he would be questioned and was already prepared for it.

He was initially preparing to talk nonsense.

However, he received the Advanced “Stock Trading” skills reward in the confrontation with Qiao Siying.

Therefore, Lin Yuan also had a pile of knowledge of stock trading in his brain. He could rationally analyze the stock in many ways and speak in detail the shortcomings of Changhong shares.

But, these justifications were far-fetched as many stocks had this kind of risk.

Stock trading never has a 100% certainty. However, Lin Yuan couldn’t say that he was sure that the stocks would plummet.

As a stock trader, Chen Pei can naturally understand that his reasons were far-fetched. But she did not argue with Lin Yuan.

Because, firstly Lin Yuan was the young master of the Lin family, and secondly, she knew that the person who made the decision was not Lin Yuan.

Chen Pei turned her head to Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan and said, “The problems that the young master spoke of are correct. They do exist. But this is a common risk in stock trading. I guarantee that Changhong shares can make a lot of money; I am more than ninety percent certain of it!”

Chen Pei assured the three of them and spoke for a long time to strengthen their conviction.

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan looked at each other and were convinced by Chen Pei’s words, unlike Lin Yuan.

“I agree with Chen Pei…” Meng Yuelan was preparing to speak.

However, she was interrupted by Lin Yuan: “Dad, mom, believe me once and don’t invest in Changhong shares. However, we do require 5 billion funds as I want to recommend buying another stock.”

Lin Yuan turned on the computer and clicked open a stock called Spanish Currency.

“We will invest 5 billion in this stock as the Spanish currency stock will appreciate dramatically soon afterward,” said Lin Yuan.

Chen Pei smiled, hearing Lin Yuan’s words.

“Young master, I don’t know how you got this news. The Spanish currency stock is intimately related to the currency of Spain. We all predicted that it would skyrocket, but in the past six months, we have lost 300 million yuan on our investment. Thus, it is better to refrain from investing in it. On the other hand, Changhong shares will rise.” Chen Pei said with a smile.

She was sure that this young master Lin Yuan did not know the origin of the news.

He was deceived by someone else’s professional terminology of the stock market and now wants to prove himself in front of his parents.

On the one hand, they have the professional vision of a stock trader who has achieved success in trading stocks, and on the other hand, is their son taking a firm stand on the issue.

Thus, Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan were at a loss of what to do.

However, Lin Yuan did not allow them to spend time, and deal with this situation. He immediately said, “The industries I operate have a combined value of 5 billion. The 5 billion investment in stocks is my decision. If I fail, I will be responsible and relinquish control of all the industries I own to the Lin Group. At the same time, I will also come back to inherit the company.”

Chen Pei felt that Lin Yuan’s tone was full of confidence.

But Meng Yuelan ignored his self-confidence, and was pleasantly surprised: “You said you promise to come back and inherit the company?”

“If I lose 5 billion, I will come back.”

Meng Yuelan said, “Jianjun, what do you think?”

Lin Jianjun thought for a while and said: “We will act according to Yuan’er and invest five billion on the Spanish currency.”

Unlike Meng Yuelan, who was only happy because Lin Yuan would come back to inherit the company, Lin Jianjun felt that Lin Yuan was very confident today. It was as if he had suddenly been endowed with extraordinary intelligence, was determined, and had a solid plan to achieve his goal. Lin Jianjun only had this feeling in front of his dead father.[1]

The Lin Group also reached its peak in the hands of Lin Yuan’s Grandpa.

“Hey…” Chen Pei sighed silently, without saying anything.

After all, she was only a part-time worker at the company.

What could she say when Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan had already spoken. After all, these were their assets.

She was just unhappy that Lin Yuan, a young master who didn’t understand anything, was poking his nose in this matter.

Meng Yuelan wanted her son to come back quickly and inherit the company obediently.

With Meng Yuelan’s command, the transfer of five billion yuan was quickly completed, and the whole sum was invested in the Spanish currency stock, as Lin Yuan said.

The other staff members on the seventh floor also discovered this as they had to sell some of the shares they held to amass five billion so quickly. Meng Yuelan wanted Lin Yuan to learn a lesson aside from wishing that he came back to inherit the company.

Everyone else was nervously watching the rise and fall in the price of The Spanish currency stock.

Lin Jianjun still didn’t want to lose 5 billion yuan; he only agreed due to Lin Yuan’s confidence.

Chen Pei and other staff members were curious about this grand gamble.

Yes, that’s right- A grand gamble of 5 billion.

If directly allocating 5 billion yuan to buy a stock that has fallen for more than half a year is not a grand gamble, then what is?

Besides, the probability of losing money was more than 90%.

But as mere employees, Chen Pei and the others cannot say anything.

Everyone was watching the fluctuations in the price of the Spanish currency stock.

However, after the investment of five billion yuan, there was no rise in the stock price; instead, the Spanish currency stock price continued to fall.

Moreover, there was a sharp drop in the price, while Changhong stock began to soar as Chen Pei had predicted.

Lin Jianjun’s complexion turned slightly ugly because the five billion was becoming less and less.

Chen Pei glanced coldly at Lin Yuan.

These five billion were entirely the assets of the Lin family, and the loss should not be counted on her head. However, it may affect her reputation as a famous stock trader.

It would have been great had they listened to her.

The other employees who manage investment were also silent.

From time to time, they looked at Lin Yuan and were convinced that he was a prodigal son.

One minute, two minutes … ten minutes passed, but the price of the stock continued to fall.

Everyone felt that this was a catastrophic financial loss of money.

However, Lin Yuan glanced at the time on his Patek Philippe indifferently.

5:29, Ding! The clock hand jumps to 5:30!

At the exact moment, a person suddenly shouted, “It has gone up! It has gone up! The Spanish currency has gone up!”

Upon hearing this, everyone’s eyes widened in shock, and they hurriedly looked at the screen.

Sure enough, the Spanish currency stock began to rise rapidly!

No, it was not rising, but skyrocketing!

The rise was getting increasingly outrageous.

At this point, everyone couldn’t take their eyes off the screen. They were looking at the frantically rising stock.

One minute later, it went straight back to the pre-investment price level.

Two minutes later, their investment had doubled!

Three Minutes… In just ten minutes, the Spanish currency stock price had risen by more than four times!

The initial investment was 5 billion… Then…

Everyone was stunned after the calculation.

Twenty billion! In just ten minutes! Earned 20 billion!

At this moment, everyone looked at Lin Yuan with an expression, as if they were looking at ghosts!


Author Notes: The author said that he knows it is exaggerating and stock market price cannot be so volatile. But this is a novel world, so don’t take everything too seriously.

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[1] Back to back idioms in this sentence. I can share the idioms with you guys if you want.

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