Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 26 Toying with Qiao Siying

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As my apology for the late update, I have not separated it into two chapters. Hopefully, the view count will not suffer too much. This is the longest chapter I have translated in this novel. I had been in the hospital so guys please don’t complain. The chapters will be made up in this week or the next. I have literally translated nothing in the last 5 days. As I have a backlog, so I am still not worried, but expect no more than 5 chapters this week. I will release the rest of the owed chapters next week.

Chapter 26 Toying with Qiao Siying

The main character, Ye Feng, in the original novel through various means appeased Qiao Siying, and while supporting her idea of freedom and equality, stirred up emotions for him.

However, Lin Yuan was not used to appeasement, nor did he think about appeasing.[1]

“I choose the second option, refuse to settle privately, refuse to compensate!”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host, receive rewards, Advanced ‘Stock Trading stock’ skills!” The system sent a notice.

When the choice option showed up, Lin Yuan had a plan in mind.

Although he chose to refuse to compensate, Lin Yuan didn’t intend to disregard the scratching of his Lamborghini.

“What do you choose? Do you want to settle it with money? Or do you want to accompany me to the traffic police?” Qiao Siying pretended to be angry, seeing Lin Yuan stare blankly at her.

Didn’t Qiao Siying feign anger to defraud money? Then accompany her to act and confront her demand for money.

Lin Yuan pretended to have a generous spirit and said while waving his hands, “I want to settle it privately. How much money do you want?”

Lin Yuan looked like someone rolling in money.[2]

At the same time, he checked out Qiao Siying’s elegant and proud body. It made people think of him as being a rich local tyrant[3] who was devising a scheme when looking at his prey.

“Tut! Tut! Tut! His tone and gaze make me very uncomfortable. I feel that the goddess should not associate with this kind of man.”

“I think you are grieved, acting like a licking dog. He has a Lamborghini why shouldn’t she associate with him?”

“Although he looks like a nouveau riche… I like him! This brother is handsome and rich, and I would rather cry in his Lamborghini![4]”

“I would too!”

The bystanders were discussing the two of them.

Although Lin Yuan pretended to be a nouveau riche, his handsome face and Lamborghini still captured the hearts of many golf-diggers.

Seeing the expression in Lin Yuan’s eyes, Qiao Siying felt that Lin Yuan had taken the bait, so she raised her eyebrows and said, “One hundred thousand.”

“Aren’t you crazy? For just a small scratch, you are demanding a compensation of one hundred thousand?!”

“Yeah! This BMW 7 Series is worth only a million dollars, and she is demanding a hundred thousand just by opening her mouth!”

“I think she just wants to bully this foolish man with a lot of money!”

The onlooker who are interested in the spectacle all feel that Qiao Siying’s demand is excessive.

However, Lin Yuan unexpectedly said, “Okay, I will pay you one hundred thousand.”

Qiao Siying was slightly surprised to hear this answer. Is this man an idiot, or is he fascinated by her?

She thought that the price of one hundred thousand would be bargained, not expecting him to agree immediately. If she had known this earlier, she would have raised the price.

“Alipay or WeChat.” Lin Yuan asked.

“WeChat, you add me as a WeChat friend.”Qiao Siying said.

“Great.” Lin Yuan pretended to be overjoyed.

Qiao Siying smiled slightly.

This was a little trick of hers. When transferring the money, let the man add her on WeChat. As the man could add such a beautiful woman on WeChat and she appeared to have some interest in himself, how could the man possibly be unhappy with the loss of money?

After the transfer of money is completed, block the man on WeChat.

As expected, she saw Lin Yuan urgently open WeChat and asked her to scan the QR code.

Qiao Siying pretended to be graceful and slowly opened WeChat. The two parties then added each other as friends.

She was waiting for the notification sound, which signaled the transfer of money to her account.

However, Qiao Siying saw that Lin Yuan, who had initially promised with confidence, became suddenly distressed.

Lin Yuan said frowningly, “I don’t have enough money in one card, and the other card with ten million has not been activated yet. This card was issued in a private bank, the money in it has not been spent yet, and it can only be activated by transferring some cash.”

“Can you please transfer half a million to me first? I will activate the card and then immediately pay you back by rounding up the sum of money, that is, I will pay you one million directly. The surplus is to make friends with you.”

The onlookers didn’t doubt his words for two reasons. Firstly, Lin Yuan was behaving like a nouveau rich, and secondly, he possessed a Lamborghini worth tens of millions of yuan parked behind him.

“Da*n! This local tyrant is a superfluous wastrel[5]!

“Using money to flirt with girls! Spending one million without hesitation!”

The bystanders sighed ruefully.

“Okay.” Qiao Siying muttered after pondering for some time.

She knew that Lin Yuan’s Lamborghini cost tens of millions of yuan, and she also recognized the limited edition ‘Patek Philippe’ watch on his hand, which cost around five to six million. It was unlikely that he would cheat her, given he was so wealthy.

More importantly, Qiao Siying was confident in her charm. She believed that she had already fascinated the ‘idiotic’ rich second-generation.


Lin Yuan soon received a transfer of 500,000 yuan from Qiao Siying.

“Did you receive it?” Qiao Siying asked.


Lin Yuan only answered with a nasal sound, turned around, and walked directly towards his Lamborghini.

“Huh! What are you doing?” Qiao Siying was slightly confused.

“Looking at the scratches.”

“The scratches are on the other side,” Qiao Siying shouted.

She immediately reacted upon seeing Lin Yuan, pull the car door, and get inside the car.

“Where do you want to go? Repay the money,” Qiao Siying shouted.

“What money? Miss Qiao,” Lin Yuan turned his head and smiled, revealing his clean white teeth.

Qiao Siying immediately understood upon hearing the appellation, Miss Qiao!

She never spoke her name, but this rich second generation knew her surname!

He knew her routine! All those expressions were him acting. It was all fake, and the intention was to cheat her of half a million.

Just a while ago, she was in euphoria and self-righteously thinking that she was toying with Lin Yuan.

It turns out that in Lin Yuan’s eyes, she was a clown! Just a joke! Lin toyed with her.

“You didn’t pay for damages, and you will also not return the money you took from me, right? Then I’ll call the police! The police will come to deal with this matter! Our matter will have a community resolution[6]!” Qiao Siying grabbed Lin Yuan’s hand.

Lin Yuan broke away easily, and said with a chuckle: “Don’t tease me, Miss Qiao, I have three dashcams in my car. You can also watch the monitoring. Although my car turned around, your car deliberately leaned forward and scratched my car.”

Qiao Siying did not expect such a quick rebuttal, and immediately said: “I will tell my dad! My dad will find you to pay for damages!”

Qiao Siying was aware that Lin Yuan knew the Qiao family, so she was using the power of the Qiao family to make Lin Yuan yield.

She felt very uncomfortable being played like a fiddle. However, Lin Yuan smilingly said, “Okay. I welcome you to visit the Lin family house. I will be waiting for you there.”

Lin Yuan stepped on the gas pedal, and quickly left after he finished speaking.

In fact, these hundreds of thousands of yuan were a trivial amount for both Lin Yuan and Qiao Siying.

They simply enjoy manipulating others, that’s all.

In this case, Qiao Siying lost and lost thoroughly.

“The Lin family? Isn’t the Lin family among the top ten families in Jiangbei City?”

“It seems that the one who left here just now is probably Young Master Lin; he is so handsome.”

“The Lin family is so awesome.”

Qiao Siying bit her red lips lightly when she heard the words of the onlookers.

How could she not know the Lin family? The Lin family is more powerful than her Qiao family. They not only have more wealth than her family, but the foundation is also stronger. The Qiao family is not considered among the top ten families of Jiangbei.

She remembered that the man who toyed with her was the young master of the Lin family, Lin Yuan! Even if she talks to the dad who spoils her, she thinks that she will only get a scolding.

She had thoroughly lost against Lin Yuan now, just like when she was played like a fiddle a while ago.

“Lin Yuan, I remember you!” Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth and said fiercely.

At that time, Lin Yuan had already come to the lobby of his company.


Translator Notes:

Correct me if I am wrong about the two of the three heroines and the MC in the novel so far.

Qiu Wenxin comes from a small background. She is extremely beautiful from the outside but her life has been anything but a bed of roses. She has already lost her parents early in her life. She is also suffering from a terminal illness. She is not studying because surviving is a luxury for her. She has a dream of being a cake shop owner and the dream is her sustenance for living so far. She has a positive outlook in life, is tenacious, grateful, has an inferiority complex. Also, so far has a crush on Lin Yuan via the two meetings she had. She hopes to earn money for him and see him every day.

I don’t know about you guys but as far as I know the super soldier plot will have either a brother or a father that is a comrade of the MC for such a girl. She will study in a school, be an honor student, and help her mother in weekdays. She will suffer from landlord problems, be harassed by gangsters, plotted against by vicious female classmates, caught the eye of a useless second generation, etc and MC comes to save the day.

Yan Ruyue is extremely disgusted with the MC in the beginning. She tried unsuccessfully to cultivate feelings for him for along time by introducing him to her hobbies and possible knowing his as well. The disgust stems from his obsession with her. She is careless, often missing out on simple details when she is panicked. For example, failing to stop MC charging forward and inserting needles in her mother’s head or even not realizing that the tree she considers so important is missing sunshine. She is not interested in the MC even after she saves her mother and helps her save the tree. However, she realizes that the MC has changed while she has prejudice against him.

The MC is shrewd and manipulative. I had said that although I really like the MC I would have liked a transition period, you know. He is not apologetic at wanting to get many girls at the same time. He is shown to be cruel when he uses torture to subdue his underling. His ambition is to live happily ever after.


[1] He has a hatred for licking the dog activities. Lin Yuan is not a believer in freedom and equality, thus does not want to waste time doing it.

[2] A very apt idiom for the situation. You can see the meaning following the website below

[3] Rough equivalent Nouveau rich. Someone who is rich, powerful in the area

[4] “I would rather cry in a BMW“ is a quotation that became an online sensation in the People’s Republic of China in 2010. For full story

This is a typical gold-digger behaviour.

[5] I have not kept the Chinese word here. It is a very popular word in Chinese media. “Hao Wu Ren” It is basically used by ordinary people in spite, jealousy or anger when they see rich people spending money on luxurious items, games, anything that not necessary for life when many people are unable to make ends meet. It can literally be translated as the local tyrant is devoid of conscience.

[6] A Community Resolution is an alternative way of dealing with less serious crimes, allowing officers to use their professional judgment when dealing with offenders. … Examples of a Community resolution could include a simple apology, an offer of compensation, or a promise to clear up any graffiti or criminal damage.

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