Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 29 Shocking! Earning 30 billion in ten minutes!

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Chapter 29 Shocking! Earning 30 billion in ten minutes!

This could scare one out of their wits, couldn’t it?

The stocks that had fallen for more than half a year, they skyrocketed at once after Lin Yuan’s 5 billion investment!

Young master Lin Yuan turned out to be a low-profile, superb stock trader!

“Fu*k! This is something one witnesses only once in a lifetime! I haven’t seen such a thing in stock trading in my entire career!”

“Young Master Lin’s vision is truly amazing!”

“He not only has a bold vision, but his state of mind is incomparable to an average person! A grand gamble of 5 billion!

All the staff involved in investment and stock trading on the seventh floor were shell-shocked.

This rise was outrageous and not rational at all!

Right at that time, an employee suddenly shouted, “Fu*k! The stock price fell!”

Hearing this, the hearts of everyone present skipped a beat.

The stock had increased to 20 billion so crazily and fell so quickly!

Lin Jianjun promptly looked up, Chen Pei and the other staff also looked at the big electronic screen.However, the Spanish currency stock was still soaring at that time, and there was no sign of it falling at that time.

The one who had just yelled was a member of the holding team, so Chen Pei frowned and said, “When is the stock falling? Isn’t it still rising?”

Seeing everyone staring at him, the employee’s blushed with embarrassment and said while waving his hands, “No, no, no! I’m not saying that the Spanish currency stock has fallen. I meant to say that Changhong shares have fallen! Changhong shares have fallen drastically!

Everyone’s attention had previously been solely on the Spanish currency stock, and Changhong stocks had been forgotten.

However, when they observed Changhong shares, they found it had indeed plummeted a lot.

Everyone’s eyes towards Lin Yuan were filled with even greater shock seeing this.

They remembered that Lin Yuan had previously not only said that Spanish currency stock, but also that Changhong shares will fall.

Now all of his predictions had come true.

“Just now, the young master insisted on selling the shares of Changhong and invest the entire amount on Spanish currency stock. Now Changhong stock price has fallen while the Spanish currency stock has risen dramatically. This is awesome, to say the least!”

“This is truly astounding! Is the young master a legendary fortune teller? Ah! What are you talking about?”

“Get lost! How can the young master be a fortune teller? You should call the young master ‘Stock God Buffet Yuan’[1]!”

“The young master is truly amazing, oh my God! If in the future, the young master advises buying a stock, I will buy some stock secretly for myself.”

The staff members spoke with great admiration.

At that time, the stock trader beside Lin Yuan, Chen Pei’s back was soaked in a cold sweat, and her heart was beating extremely violently.

She suddenly thought of the consequences in the absence of Lin Yuan.

The 5 billion yuan invested in the Spanish currency stock, due to her decision-making, would be invested in Changhong stock, and the result will be a financial loss of the entire 5 billion yuan.

She would have to pack her things and leave if the Lin Group suffered a financial loss of 5 billion yuan in vain. She might even have to assume joint liability.[2]

Lin Group fired Chen Pei after this incident in the original plot. She even owed a massive debt that she was unable to repay until she committed suicide.

What Lin Yuan did beforehand had not only helped the Lin family make a lot of money but also saved her life.

Chen Pei looked at Lin Yuan with full admiration and gratitude after realizing this.

“Young Master, thank you!” Chen Pei thanked him with incomparable sincerity.

Lin Yuan waved his hands; he was trying to stop the decline of the Lin Group, that’s all.

After seeing the rapid changes in the two stocks, Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan were greatly astonished.

They had the most contact with Lin Yuan and understood him best.

Thus, they were stunned to see that Lin Yuan’s prediction of the two stocks was spot-on.

Since when was their son so amazing?

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan glanced at each other and could see the shock in the other’s eyes.

Lin Jianjun couldn’t help asking, “Yuan’er, how do you know that these stocks will rise or fall in price?”

Lin Yuan replied with a smile, “Didn’t I explain the reasons before investing? I have researched stocks. I have researched the Spanish currency for three years …”

After all, Lin Yuan had advanced stock trading skills. Thus, he could use a lot of technical terms in his explanations.

It is never easy to succeed in doing something, but if someone has succeeded in doing something, it is must easier to analyze the success of other people.

So, Lin Yuan said that he stayed up all night to observe the Spanish currency, and he paid attention to the current affairs of Spain for half a year.

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan were convinced upon hearing that. Meng Yuelan felt very distressed.

“Money is not that important; you need to take good care of your own body!” Meng Yuelan said.

“I know, I know,” said Lin Yuan.

“If this goes on, I’m afraid Yuan’er would not come back to inherit the company,” Lin Jianjun said with a laugh.

“Huh?” Meng Yuelan recalled the earlier gamble, and she immediately changed her tune, “It’s uncertain! The stock just soared, but now it’s plummeting back!”

“You have a crow’s mouth.[3]” Lin Jianjun smiled and shook his head.

However, Lin Yuan confidently and calmly said, “It won’t fall back sharply, the stock will continue to rise until tomorrow morning at least. After tomorrow morning, we should sell all the stock of Spanish currency. We shouldn’t get too greedy!”

If Lin Yuan had said this before today, no one would have believed him.

But now, everyone firmly believed in Lin Yuan’s words.

Moreover, the Spanish currency stock was indeed still rising rapidly at that time, and there was no indication that it would stop.

After speaking a few more words, Lin Yuan left.

20 billion- this is just the beginning.

The next day.

“Yue’er, look at this news.” Early in the morning, Song Xuan handed a mobile phone to Yan Ruyue.

Yan Ruyue took it and checked up the news in it.

The headline of this news is-

“Shocking! Earning 30 billion in ten minutes! Unexpectedly, Lin Yuan, the young master of the Lin family, who looks handsome and kind, but behind everyone’s back is an amazing stock trader!”

Author Notes:

The chapter is exaggerating. It can be considered a filler chapter. But note that in super soldier plots, the MC usually is known for his martial prowess not his business. The author is trying to establish a character that has many characteristics in opposition to the original character where the plot allows him to. Ignore the chapter by and large. It was a pain for me translating a chapter without any substance. People can skip it if they want. This is also where Chinese novels make money, so don’t take chapters like this too seriously.

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[1] The reference is to Warren Buffet

[2] It is a business term. You guys can go to Wikipedia or any other place for a proper definition. It basically means she needed to contribute money for the loss. See joint and several liability.

[3] A “crow’s mouth” (wuya zui)

Meaning: someone who brings bad things about by talking about them. There is a similar expression in Polish as well. Looks like crows have a bad reputation all over the world.

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