Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 30 People sit at home and heaven’s reward comes for them![1]

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Chapter 30 People sit at home and heaven’s reward comes for them![1]

Yan Ruyue clicked on the news.

She read that Lin Yuan had invested 5 billion yuan on the Spanish currency stock yesterday, and in just ten minutes, the stock had sextupled to 30 billion yuan!

Of course, the news was exaggerated at times, such as saying that he made 30 billion in 10 minutes only.

After the initial investment, he had earned 30 billion yuan by selling off the stock the next morning.

He made only 20 billion in ten minutes.

In other news media, it was exaggerated even more.

Yan Ruyue opened her mobile phone and found that there was a pile of news notifications on her mobile phone.

“Kyushu’s own ‘Warren Buffet (God of stocks)’!”

“The counterattack of the young rich second generation!”

“A grand gamble! A five billion bet on the future!”

“He would have had to inherit the 100 billion family property had he lost 5 billion yuan, but against all odds, he earned a lot of money!”, etc

Yan Ruyue found a heap of headlines on her mobile phone.

All the news articles have Lin Yuan as their subject, and they all have similar content.

That is, Lin Yuan used 5 billion yuan to earn tens of billions in just one day.

One article after the other was having a competition in bragging about the achievements of Lin Yuan. A news article went as far as to say that Lin Yuan had made hundreds of billions with only 5 billion

Lin Yuan would have been amused if he saw the news articles about himself.

At that time, Yan Ruyue read all these news articles in silence.

Was he the same man who would previously follow her all day long, acting like licking dog?

Amazing medical skills, terrifying stock trading skills …

Lin Yuan, when did he turn so amazing?

Why didn’t she find all this beforehand?

“Have you seen Lin Yuan’s excellence? Mom doesn’t want you to repeat the same mistakes as herself, but wants you to find a good man.” Song Xuan said with a sigh.

Yan Ruyue was silent upon hearing Song Xuan’s words.

She just went back to her room; and looked at the ceiling lost in her thoughts.

She didn’t just hate Lin Yuan; she loathed all men. Because in her childhood, her father had an extramarital affair.

In addition to cheating on her mother, he often abused her mother, Song Xuan, while being intoxicated.

The repetitive domestic violence in her childhood scarred Yan Ruyue for life.

It led to her hating man a lot so much so that it had developed into misandry.

When she suddenly found out that she was engaged to a man, Yan Ruyue was naturally very disgusted with the whole affair.

Afterward, Lin Yuan stuck to her all day long like a piece of chewing gum, making her feel very annoyed.

However, Lin Yuan’s subsequent retirement from the marriage agreement made her a lot more comfortable.

Following that, Lin Yuan displayed his superb medical skills to save her mother’s life and helped her heal ‘Xiao Zi’; so, she was very grateful to him.

Although Yan Ruyue hated her father very much, at the same time, she desired the missing paternal love in her life. Hence, the Chinese yew flowering plant was the medium to recall her childhood memories and acted as a substitute for her father, just like people kept pets for more than ten years.

Now, Lin Yuan had become the embodiment of the stock trading deity.[2]

All this made Yan Ruyue’s feelings for Lin Yuan very complicated.

She didn’t hate Lin Yuan anymore and was even grateful to him.

But Yan Ruyue felt that she could never raise this feeling to love.

However, Yan Ruyue found she couldn’t suppress her curiosity about Lin Yuan.

How is his medicinal skill so amazing?

How did he learn to trade stocks so well?

How much did she not know about him?



[Ding! Yan Ruyue’s favorability +5! Reward 200 counterattack points! ]

Lin Yuan heard the prompt just as he woke up early in the morning.

“Huh? I am sitting at home and getting rewarded by the heavens?” Lin Yuan, who had just woken up, was still slightly confused.

However, he realized it upon seeing the overwhelming propaganda, in social media and state media, about his achievements in the mobile phone.

Earning 30 billion yuan in a single day is a terrifying achievement, coupled with his status as the young master of the Lin Family made him instantly famous.

Lin Yuan wanted to laugh when he saw social media accounts claiming that ten Warren Buffets together were not worthy to even lift his shoes when it comes stock trading.[3]


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[1] This expression is an idiom. Most of my readers are from Europe and America so I will explain the term using biblical expression here. I am familiar with Hindi/Urdu so I will give a similar term at the end as well. I am only familiar with biblical or Islamic stories, so they will be the basis of explanation here.

The term used in the Bible is ‘Manna’, an edible substance which God provided for the Israelites during their travels in the desert during the 40-year period following the Exodus and prior to the conquest of Canaan.

The term in the Quran is Mann–O–Salwa, a type of meal that was gifted to Bani Israel (the people of Hazrat Musa A.S). These people demanded from their prophet to ask Allah a special meal for them to fulfill their hunger.

So basically, the term here means you are gifted something from heaven and you did not work hard or earn it. It was a gift (not reward).

Hindi/Urdu – ‘Gar batha batha khana mil raha ha’

[2] Basically, he is an expert of stock trading.

[3] Warren Buffet is far inferior to him in terms of stock trading.

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