Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 31 The plot officially begins! Ye Feng is about to make an appearance!

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Chapter 31 The plot officially begins! Ye Feng is about to make an appearance!

“It seems that Yan Ruyue saw the news, so I got the reward.” Lin Yuan said.

“Yes, Yan Ruyue’s favorability for the host is also no longer negative?” Shen Lan said.

Lin Yuan opened the system panel and looked at the favorability section. He found that Yan Ruyue’s favorable impression of him was 10, which was slightly positive.

“Curiosity killed the cat! Her outcome was preordained the moment when she became curious about me.” Lin Yuan smiled.

There was another text message on his mobile phone.

It was a three billion yuan transfer to his bank account!

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan had ordered Chen Pei to sell all the stocks as quickly as possible when the stock market opens in the morning. They earned a total of 30 billion yuan from the stock sales.

Thus, they rewarded him with 3 billion funds to continue the operation of his businesses.

These 3 billion funds were entirely liquid assets, not fixed assets!

His parents seemed to have put great trust in his abilities.

Lin Yuan checked his attribute panel.

[Host: Lin Yuan]

[Counter Attack Point: 200]

[Wealth Value: 8 billion]


[Strength: 123, Speed: 105, Reaction: 104, Charm: 150, Constitution:110]


[Medical Skill: God-Level, Piano: Advanced, Stocks: Advanced, Car Skills: Intermediate Level, Violin: Intermediate Level, Calligraphy: Intermediate Level, English: Elementary, …]

[Favorability Panel: Yan Ruoyue: 10, Qiu Wanxi: 60, Qiao Siying: -10]

[Loyalty Panel: ]

[Wang Ergou: 90]

After checking the attribute panel, Lin Yuan proceeded toward the house of the Yan Clan.



Lin Yuan gave the usual acupuncture treatment to Song Xuan.

However, the difference today was that when Song Xuan chatted with Lin Yuan, she mentioned business affairs considerably in their conversations.

Lin Yuan knew that Song Xuan had heard about him earning 30 billion yuan. So, he responded fluently and quickly to Song Xuan’s questions. His insights in many matters produced a twinkle in Song Xuan’s eyes.

Song Xuan felt immensely pleased, looking at Lin Yuan’s conduct.

“Xiao Yuan, will you venture your own separate business from now? If you require any assistance like, for example, investment, then contact auntie without any hesitation. Auntie will surely help you. Many of your ideas are great, so auntie wants to cooperate with you when you venture into your startup.”[1] Song Xuan stated.

“Okay, I will tell you provided there is an opportunity for collaboration.” Lin Yuan nodded.

Lin Yuan had planned for the future.

He was not satisfied with just saving the Lin family conglomerate.

He wanted to embark on a successful business career and suppress the development trend of the protagonist Ye Feng.

He would require Song Xuan’s help to turn the situation in his favor.

“Yue’er, take a look at the excellence of Xiao Yuan. Your company has recently faced many problems. You can consult and discuss with Xiao Yuan over these problems.” Song Xuan said to Yan Ruyue.

“Okay,” Yan Ruyue knew that Song Xuan words were implying to her to have more contact with Lin Yuan.

“Oh, by the way, Yue’er. I had almost forgotten to mention something in these hurries. An old friend had called me for help. After you send off Xiao Yuan, you need to pick someone up from the airport. His name is Ye Feng, as far as I remember.” Song Xuan said.

“Okay,” Yan Ruyue nodded.

Lin Yuan, who was beside her, heard the words Ye Feng and his eyes revealed a hidden conspiracy.

The plot of the story was finally going to begin officially.

The original plot was that Ye Feng would make an appearance in the city, and someone would request help from Song Xuan asking her to take good care of him.

Ye Feng would then discover Song Xuan’s illness and treat her, finally getting in touch with Yan Ruyue.

Although Lin Yuan had already grabbed his opportunity of treating Song Xuan, however, he still did not want Ye Feng to contact either the Yan family or Yan Ruyue.

Of course, he was not foolish enough to tell this directly to Song Xuan. He could not ask her to not pick up Ye Feng as this was a very dumb idea.

Lin Yuan didn’t say anything but just walked out as usual with Yan Ruyue alongside him.


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[1] Lin Yuan does possess businesses under his control. However, all of them are given to him by the Lin family. He does not own any startup business that he had started on his own. So far, his only ability has been relying on his family.

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