Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 32 Everything is ready, Young Master!

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Chapter 32 Everything is ready, Young Master!

As the two walked along the road, neither of them spoke a word to the other, creating a strange atmosphere of silence.

Yan Ruyue had begun to get curious about Lin Yuan, but her reserved nature prevented her from actively starting the conversation.

It was even more impossible for Lin Yuan to strike up a conversation with her.

Eventually, Yan Ruyue started the conversation. “Then … that … I have cut down the big tree beside ‘Xiao Zi’, and even cleared out its roots, but why does ‘Xiao Zi’ still have dried up yellow leaves.”

Lin Yuan said, “For about two years, your Chinese yew flowering plant suffered due to deprivation of plentiful sunlight. It can’t recover overnight. You have to give it some time to restore itself to its heyday. I do have a few prescriptions, but I am not sure whether it will be useful for the plant. All I can say is that it might boost the recovery of the plant, but I can guarantee it will have no harmful effects. Do you want it?”

Yan Ruyue replied promptly, “I want the prescription. Can you send it to me on WeChat?”

“Okay,” said Lin Yuan.

“Great. By the way, you might not be able to add me on WeChat. Could you tell me your WeChat number? Yan Ruyue said with slight embarrassment.

The former Lin Yuan made her feel vexed by frequently harassing her on WeChat. Thus, she had earlier blocked him on it.

Yan Ruyue had never expected that she would request him to add her back on WeChat one day.

Lin Yuan smiled and gave Yan Ruyue his WeChat number.

Just as he was about to walk out of the Yan family villa, Yan Ruyue came over to him carrying a potted flower, “You… You asked for this reward!”

Yan Ruyue wanted to hand over the flowering plant to Lin Yuan, but Lin Yuan did not take it from her.

Instead, he asked, “Miss Yan, are you going to pick someone up from the airport?”

Yan Ruyue was surprised for a moment before nodding, “Yes.”

Lin Yuan said, “Placing the flower pot in the car like that might cause an accident. I am afraid that the flower pot will experience a jolt when I turn the car in a lane. I want to ask Miss Yan for a favor. Can you hold the flower pot? I will deliver you to the airport to pick up the person.”

Yan Ruyue saw that Lin Yuan was driving the Rolls-Royce Phantom today and nodded without hesitation.

Lin Yuan had done a great favor on her by saving Xiao Zi. Having her hold the potted plants was a trivial matter compared to that. Besides, he was going to send her to the airport to pick up the person. She did not have a reason to reject his request.

Lin Yuan had a faint smile as he got into the car and opened his cell phone.

“Everything is ready, Young Master!” Lin Yuan saw the message sent by Wang Ergou on his mobile phone.

Lin Yuan smiled happily upon seeing the contents on his mobile phone.

Yan Ruyue hesitated for a while before deciding to open the back-seat door. Although there were only two individuals in the car, and the polite behavior was sitting on the front seat. However, she was still not on board with the idea of sitting next to Lin Yuan when they were alone. She decided that when they would pick up the person from the airport, she would sit on the front seat.

Lin Yuan started the Rolls-Royce Phantom, and the car headed in the direction of the airport.

As they were just about to reach the airport, Lin Yuan suddenly stopped the car.

Yan Ruyue felt extremely baffled upon seeing Lin Yuan park the car and get off so suddenly.

“I have to deal with a matter here. I will finish it and come back right away. You can wait for me in the car or come down with me if you feel bored,” Lin Yuan said.

Yan Ruyue also opened the door of the car. Although she was quite puzzled, she wanted to know what Lin Yuan was going to do.

Yan Ruyue followed Lin Yuan immediately afterward. She discovered that he was about to enter a place called “Midnight Heaven Entertainment Club”.

Yan Ruyue frowned. Could it be that Lin Yuan had come to the clubhouse this early in the morning to have fun?

Did Lin Yuan forget that he had taken her along with him?

Moreover, she still needed to pick up someone from the airport.

What exactly does he want to do?

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