Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 33 I just drank alcohol with them; I never groped them!

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Chapter 33 I just drank alcohol with them; I never groped them!

Lin Yuan turned his head around and explained to Yan Ruyue, “I am extremely sorry; this is a Lin family property. An employee had just texted, informing me that someone was making trouble inside. We were passing by, so I thought of quickly taking a look. It will take a maximum of 5 minutes, and I promise not to delay your task of picking up the guy from the airport.”

“It is alright,” Yan Ruyue nodded to express her approval.

She realized that she had misunderstood him earlier.

This club was the Lin family’s industry; otherwise, it just would not make any sense. Lin Yuan, the young master of the family, did not need to go to a clubhouse in broad daylight with her as a companion.

As soon as they entered the clubhouse and had barely taken any steps forward, they heard a loud sound emanating from a room that could be heard even in the corridor.

“F**k you! I, your father[1], did not touch her.”

This sound originated from a private room in the clubhouse, but it was so loud that people outside could also hear it.

Both Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue heard the voice distinctly.

Lin Yuan frowned and strode towards the room with Yan Ruyue following closely behind.

As he entered the room, he saw a large group of people surrounding two men. There were a pair of crying girls beside the two encircled men.

Lin Yuan was familiar with one of the encircled men, Wang Ergou. Thus, Lin Yuan could instantly guess that the handsome-looking man next to him was Ye Feng.

The man leading the large crowd, which had encircled the two people, was also Lin Yuan’s acquaintance.

It was none other than Long Wu, his bodyguard, who had earlier reported Ye Feng’s whereabouts and was extremely loyal to him.

Long Wu facing Ye Feng, at that moment, said, “Distinguished guests, our girl staff members are just for accompanying your drinking sessions. They do not prostitute themselves, and so you cannot molest our staff members. I need an immediate apology from you.”

“Utter Rubbish! I just drank alcohol; I never touched them.”

“Did he touch you?” Long Wu asked the two girls who were wiping their tears beside Ye Feng.

“He not only touched but also pinched us …” The two girls replied while sobbing spasmodically.

“Impossible! Brother Feng is the younger brother of my boss. How could he possibly touch the trash girls in your clubhouse?” Wang Ergou yelled in a loud voice.

“You just touched us and now don’t want to admit it!” The girls said while continuing to sob.

“I admit that you are a distinguished guest of our clubhouse and have been very liberal with spending money. However, our clubhouse operates following established rules is very dignified. You have come here to have fun, but you are not allowed to touch our staff without their explicit permission. Otherwise, it will be the same as molesting women.”

“Besides, I have seen many scums like you who refuse to admit touching girls after exactly doing the same thing. Now I am just asking you to apologize and pay for the damages. Our business cares a lot about our reputation while making money in business and will not investigate this matter anymore.” Long Wu stated.

“F**k! …” Ye Feng got very angry immediately following the remark and finally blurted out curses on him. At the same time, he slammed the table with one of his hands.

There was a loud bang, and the table, to everyone’s surprise, had collapsed into two parts.

Long Wu, Wang Ergou, and the others broke out in a cold sweat seeing the scene.

Lin Yuan’s eyes also widened in amazement.

The novel setting has placed the strength of the mercenary soldier king as terrifying.

Although Wang Ergou broke out in a cold sweat seeing the scene, he was more terrified upon seeing the mysterious Lin Yuan. He stood up directly to continue the drama.

He dashed towards a girl, grabbed her hair, and slapped her face.

“Brother Feng is my distinguished guest. How could he touch girls of inferior quality such as you? Don’t go about slandering my Brother Feng! F**k! …” Wang Ergou said while raining curses on her.

“Hey! Hey! What’s wrong with you? How dare you beat up someone in our presence?” Long Wu waved his hands, and a bunch of people surrounded the two and were ready to take action.

“If I had touched her, I will surely admit it. If I, your father, say I didn’t touch her, then I did not touch her. I did not touch her, so, you motherf***er, don’t think of framing me.”

“Besides, do you want to attack us? You can try me on for size!” Ye Feng shouted

“Yo! This kid is really crazy!” Long Wu sneered, and immediately waved people to attack them.

But right at that moment, a voice sounded.

“Everyone should heed my words. Don’t attack them! I forbid you from attacking them!”

Ye Feng heard a voice emanating from the door of the room. Everyone turned their heads around and gave way to Lin Yuan upon recognizing him.

Ye Feng saw a handsome man walking towards him. A woman was following the man close behind. Ye Feng got instantly attracted by that woman.

So beautiful! She was a peerless beauty!

This was his first impression of her.

She had a broad forehead and crooked eyebrows. Her smile was beautiful enough to dazzle an entire room of spectators. She was a woman of peerless beauty. If there was a woman he wanted to grope, it was such a beautiful woman.

Ye Feng focussed his entire attention on Yan Ruyue.

In the novel, Ye Feng was a very lascivious man.

So, when he saw the picturesque beauty of Yan Ruyue, he decided almost instantly that Yan Ruyue should belong to him, designating her as his prey.

In his drunken state, he gazed at Yan Ruyue unscrupulously with his scorching eyes.

Yan Ruyue also noticed his gaze, and she glanced back at Ye Feng with disgust. She did not conceal the loathing and displeasure in her eyes.

She loathed the way Ye Feng looked at her.

She also hated heavily drunk people.

She never expected that she would loathe such a handsome man so much. She had formed a very bad impression of Ye Feng from his actions and hated him almost instantly.

【Ding! The heroine Yan Ruyue has a strong disgust for Ye Feng! Counterattack points +100! ]

Lin Yuan exposed a shallow smile upon hearing the system prompt.


Translator comments:

I will at times write review of the chapter going forward.

The chapter is a little bit disappointing at the start. An ordinary employee cannot just text a rich second generation and inform him of things on a site. Yan Ruyue does not think much about the explanation due to her embarrassment at having misunderstood his motives coming here. Also, more explanation and thought could have been given in this part and a call from the manager would have been a better option. However, the entire drama regarding Ye Feng is very well written. So, I have mixed feelings when translating the chapter. The though is a great masterpiece.

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[1] This is an expression in the Chinese language. There are similar ones in Bangla, Urdu, and Hindi. Basically, you use the term to refer to yourself in the third person. It is used to put yourself above someone and be condescending or commanding to the other guy. It is really not found in the English language but is used widely in regions of the Indian subcontinent and China.

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