Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 35 Lin Yuan’s counterattack!

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Chapter 35 Lin Yuan’s counterattack!

Lin Yuan, who seemed to have been speaking up for him until now, has suddenly stabbed him in the back!

To his utter bewilderment, he reported to the police!

Moreover, he filed criminal charges against him!

Hurting someone under the influence of alcohol, destroying property, starting a fight, causing trouble at the clubhouse, etc. were quite serious charges compared to the previous accusation of groping someone, where he only needed to pay some compensation.

What is wrong with this Young Master?

Didn’t Lin Yuan trust him all this time and helped him speak up for so long?

The beautiful woman to his side must have some sort of relationship with him. Did he notice his passionate and penetrating gaze at her?

Ye Feng raised his head to look at Lin Yuan, only to see that Lin Yuan was gazing playfully at him with a slight smile plastered across his face.

Ye Feng sobered up from his drunkenness instantly, seeing the playful expression on Lin Yuan’s face and realized something.

He realized this was a setup! A conspiracy!

He did not know why the two words (setup and conspiracy) flashed in his mind!

He understood that all this was just a setup designed by the Young Master to frame him, that it was a conspiracy!

However, he did not know why this young master wanted to harm him so much.

But, his intitution was telling him that he was right, that Lin Yuan wanted to harm him.

Ye Feng roared in anger, “You scoundrel! You designed all this to harm me, didn’t you? Have I done anything harmful to you?”

Ye Feng was walking towards Lin Yuan as he spoke. He looked like he wanted to punch him hard.

Long Wu and the others quickly formed a wall of people between Lin Yuan and Ye Feng and stood firm to protect their Young Master.

Also, Long Wu and the other bodyguards touched a hard metal object hidden in their clothes.

Ye Feng had astonishing fighting prowess, but he was afraid he would not be able to beat all of them if they ganged upon him.

Lin Yuan did not want the situation to escalate such that his life comes under threat. He never wanted to drive Ye Feng to a corner and provoke him to take desperate actions.

So even though he can exchange his wealth for counterattack points and upgrade his attributes but he still added more insurance to protect his life.

He specifically ordered Long Wu to bring other highly skilled bodyguards for his protection.

The indignant Ye Feng instantly calmed down, seeing the unfavorable situation he was currently facing.

He understood from the posture and movements of these bodyguards that they were highly skilled.

As the mercenary soldier king, he understood that his opponents were no easy pushovers.

He had a fearsome combat strength and was confident in defeating every single one of them in hand-to-hand or armed combat.

If they had a firefight, he was confident of getting rid of all of them, provided he possessed guns as well.

However, the situation at present was vastly different from the ideal scenario. He had just got off the airplane and passed through a security check before coming here; thus, he did not possess any guns. While on the other hand, he did not know how many guns his opponents had.

“Everyone, move aside! Everyone, move aside!” Suddenly a few policemen rushed to the bar and squeezed their way into the conflict zone.

“You called the police, didn’t you?” asked one of the policemen.

At Lin Yuan’s signal, Long Wu and the other staff members came forward and began to narrate the sequence of events to the police. Combining it with the video monitoring of the period, proved certainly that Ye Feng had gotten himself heavily drunk.

The evidence also proved that Ye Feng had hit other people under the influence of alcohol, damaged property, etc. Ye Feng did not have any chance of escaping from the charges and would be detained for a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 15 days.

After listening to the whole story, the police arrested Ye Feng.

Ye Feng roared in anger but did not resist the arrest.

He was extremely angry, knowing that he had fallen for Lin Yuan’s scheme.

However, he had just returned to China, and if he dared to resist arrest, the consequences would be grave.

Moreover, when they take him into custody, he could ask his sworn brother to help him come out of prison early.

“Name,” A police officer questioned him, carrying a notebook computer to record his statement.

“Ye Feng,” replied Ye Feng.

“Have you just returned to China from abroad?”


“Do you have…” The interrogating officer continued to question him.”

Yan Ruyue, who had been watching the interrogation on the side, was surprised.

Ye Feng?

She remembered that the man her mother asked her to pick up from the airport was also called Ye Feng.

‘Is he the same person that my mother wanted me to pick up from the airport?’

‘Or is he just his namesake?’

But can it be a coincidence given he had also returned to China from abroad?

She did not expect that her mother’s old friend had asked her to pick up this type of person.

Yan Ruyue shook her head. She was already full of disgust for Ye Feng and did not want to take another look at him.

Now she doesn’t feel the need to pick up anyone.

【Ding! The host successfully changes the storyline! Reward counterattack points +500】

A system prompt rings in his mind.

“You are the younger master of the Lin Family, right? You wait for me!” While he was being escorted away by the police, Ye Feng also passed through Lin Yuan and spoke these words with a fierce expression on his face.

Lin Yuan laughingly replied, “The bark of a defeated dog!”[1]

“Move quickly! Don’t talk nonsense over here!” The officer pushed Ye Feng forward, and he could only angrily leave the place.

“I will also remember you!” Wang Ergou spoke fiercely to Lin Yuan, having the same expression on his face as Ye Feng.”

However, the expression in his eyes conveyed that he was fawning all over Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan nodded his head to express his approval.

Today Wang Ergou performed very well.

He and Long Wu played the good cop and bad cop roles with perfect synchronization such that Ye Feng was not in the right frame of mind to deal with the situation. He had lost control of his emotions for so long because of their fabulous performance.

Ye Feng detested Lin Yuan with all his heart.

However, he could do nothing about it for now; he could only get into the police car in a well-behaved manner.

Lin Yuan, on the other hand, returned to the car with Yan Ruyue unexpectedly choosing to sit in the co-pilot seat.

She chose to sit beside Lin Yuan!

“Sorry, it took a while,” said Lin Yuan.

Yan Ruyue shook her head and said, “It’s all right, I don’t need to pick up anyone anymore. This Ye Feng might be the same person that my mother had asked me to pick up from the airport.”

“You can say it for sure; maybe they just have the same name. Would you like to make a phone call to confirm whether they are the same person?” Lin Yuan said with a smile.

[1]It is an idiom that basically say that the loser is not willing to accept his defeat; he cannot accept that someone had defeated him. He can only voice out his grievances on the side and bluff but will not take any action. The idiom ‘A barking dog never bites’ is close to the meaning of this phrase but not exactly equivalent. It is a sore loser + barking dog never bites.

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