Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 37 An Untouchable Flower-Chi Qian!

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Different from Ye Feng, who was extremely uncomfortable in the detention center.

Lin Yuan got up comfortably after sleeping until the evening.

Lin Yuan prepared himself for the day slowly.

“Master, now Ye Feng has been sent to the detention center by you. You can seize this opportunity to develop your relationship with Yan Ruyue.” Shen Lan said.

Hearing Shen Lan’s words, Lin Yuan smiled, “Why should I develop my relationship with Yan Ruyue?”

Shen Lan was taken aback for a moment: “What the master has planned for so long, isn’t it to develop and deepen his relationship with Yan Ruyue?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “No, you guessed it wrong. I did send Ye Feng to the detention center deliberately to prevent him from ruining my good deeds, but it doesn’t matter if I enhance my relationship with Yan Ruyue or not.”

“In dealing with Yan Ruyue in the past two days, in addition to obtaining counterattack points, the most important thing is to avoid any connection between Ye Feng and the Yan family and to snatch his opportunity.”

“Now it is impossible for the Yan family to have anything to do with Ye Feng. Yan Ruyue will not have any contact with Ye Feng. I can also put her down and start my plan.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Shen Lan was confused.

“Master, what is your plan? I thought the master would spend more time with Yan Ruyue to enhance the relationship. Since Yan Ruyue’s favorability returned to a positive number, developing the relationship was much easier than before. As long as the master does his best, I feel that you can get her in half a month at most! At that time, the counterattack points awarded will definitely be high! Shen Lan said.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Indeed, if I launch a fierce offense on Yan Ruyue, I can soon be able to win her. But that is the way of licking dog. Yan Ruyue is beautiful, but in my opinion, Wanxi is still better.”

“For a high-cold female president like this, it would be cooler to wait for her to be a licking dog to me. I cannot just live my life just for counterattack. Coolness and comfort are the most important.”

Shen Lan whispered: “Master, didn’t you use billion to increase your counterattack points before, why now…”

“Huh? Shen Lan what did you say?”

“No, you heard me wrong, Master. Shen Lan wants to ask you, since you don’t plan to talk to Yan Ruyue, do you have any other plans?” Shen Lan asked.

“Of course, there is a plan, and I plan to change my goal next.”

“What goal?”

“Chi Qian.”

“Huh?! Chi Qian? Master, you mean that perfect Female Supporting Cast who is more beautiful than Yan Ruyue, Chi Qian?”

Shen Lan’s tone was shocked.

“Well, that’s her.” Lin Yuan smiled and nodded.

“Master, are you crazy? What are you going to do with someone with such a high level of difficulty to deal with? Chi Qian can be regarded as hell-level difficulty, right? Although Chi Qian is a Female Supporting Cast, her setting is a perfect woman!” Shen Lan said.

“Well, Chi Qian is indeed perfect, but isn’t it the untouchable flower that makes people more eager to pick?” Lin Yuan smiled.

Chi Qian, whom he and Shen Lan talked about, is a Female Supporting Cast in the book “The Strongest Soldier King in the Flower City”.

The reason why she is a Female Supporting Cast is not because Chi Qian is not good enough or beautiful.

And it is precisely because Chi Qian is so good and beautiful that even the author thinks that no one is worthy of Chi Qian, so Chi Qian is not the heroine.

But in the book, Chi Qian is more perfect than Yan Ruyue, the heroine.

The first is appearance. The novel says that if Yan Ruyue is 95 points, then Chi Qian is 100 points.

In terms of character, Chi Qian has no character defects, being gentle with others, makes people comfortable. The bad thing is that it is natural for people to feel the gap, but Lin Yuan thinks it is an advantage.

Then the identity. Chi Qian’s grandfather has a terrifying identity, and the Chi family’s status is also very high.

The Lin family and Yan family, which developed mainly on the basis of business, is far incomparable.

Not only is the background scary, Chi Qian herself is also very terrifying.

Piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, singing, fighting and shooting guns…etc. She has a very high-level competence with all of these skills.

She is a perfect all around goddess, the average man can’t even look.

And even Ye Feng with the protagonist halo has failed several times.

In the end, it can barely be regarded as a relationship of friends.

And even only as friends, Ye Feng also is indebted a lot from the Chi family.

The Chi family played a key role in the smooth and rapid development of Ye Feng.

“Master, I must explain one thing, and it is that the only person who can get counterattack points is the heroine in the previous novel. Chi Qian is only a supporting role in the novel, and there is not necessarily a counterattack point.” Shen Lan said.

“I think there are two possibilities. The first is as you said as a supporting role, Chi Qian has no counterattack points. But the second one, I think that it is possible that Chi Qian can provide a lot of counterattack points! Even the protagonist could not win the heart of Chi Qian, if I can win it, isn’t it a counterattack?” Lin Yuan smiled.

“In addition, the character I was most interested in before was Chi Qian, so let’s try it before talking.” Lin Yuan said.

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