Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 38 School flower girlfriend for you!

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Shen Lan said again: “Then how does the master plan to get in touch with Chi Qian?”

Lin Yuan adjusted his tuxedo, and then said, “I don’t need to take the initiative to contact, someone will beg me to see Chi Qian soon.”

“Huh?” Shen Lan was puzzled.

Lin Yuan didn’t explain much.

Instead, he said: “Shen Lan, add some points. Another 200 million for Counterattack Points, plus the previous points, a total of 3,000 counterattack points, all placed to charm.”

“Okay, Master.”

After finishing adding Counter Attack Points, Lin Yuan opened the attribute panel.

[Host: Lin Yuan]

[Counterattack point: 0]

[Wealth value: 7 billion]


[Strength: 150, Speed: 110, Reaction: 110, Charisma: 200, Physique: 150]


[Medical skills: Divine Level, Piano: Advanced Level, Stocks: Advanced Level, Car skills: Intermediate Level, Violin: Intermediate Level, Calligraphy: Intermediate Level, English: Elementary Level,…]

[Favorability Panel:]

[Yan Ruoyue: 20, Qiu Wanxi: 60, Qiao Siying: -10]

【Loyalty Panel:】

【Wang Ergou: 90】

Of the 3 billion Meng Yuelan transferred, Lin Yuan spent 1 billion for Counterattack Points.

He does not intend to use the other two billion.

Because he still needs the funds to do something else.

After adding points to the charm value, Lin Yuan looked in the mirror.

Lin Yuan was taken aback for a moment when he saw himself in the mirror.

So handsome.

Is this still him?

Although his facial features are still very familiar, This is still his face.

But now it seems to be twice as handsome as before.

It’s the kind of handsome who will still turn heads even if it is thrown into the crowd of people.

And not only is he handsome, but Lin Yuan also found that the more he looks at himself, the more attractive he becomes!

“Master… you have been looking in the mirror for five minutes… looks like your phone rang…”

Lin Yuan didn’t react until Shen Lan’s reminder.

WDNMD! (TLN: Chinese slang meaning wo diao ni ma de or [I fuck your mom])

He’s handsome enough to even charm himself!

I can’t bear to look away from my face.

Is this 200 Charisma too scary?

Touching his handsome face, Lin Yuan picked up the phone call.

“Hello? Cousin? There is a music exhibition in our school today. Are you interested in coming? There are many beautiful women!” Yu Shanshan said.

Yu Shanshan is Lin Yuan’s cousin. Yu Shanshan’s mother has a good relationship with Meng Yuelan, so Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan’s have a good relationship.

But the cousin Yu Shanshan is a little strange, she is stubborn, and she doesn’t like handsome guys. She likes beautiful women, and she hooks up with beautiful women all day.

“If you have something to say, say it straight, if it’s not for the beautiful women you will not come looking for your cousin?” Lin Yuan said lightly.

“Cousin! What do you mean, cousin, who doesn’t like beautiful women? I like to be friends with beautiful women, and beautiful women also like me. Beautiful women and beautiful women are born to be together. Ugly monsters will always oppose…”

“You mean cousin, I am ugly?”

“No, no! Cousin, you are the most handsome! if we are not relatives, I would have had a problem with my sexual orientation…” Yu Shanshan flattered.

Lin Yuan: “Stop, just say it, or I will tell your mother that you have thirteen harems now.”

“Eh, don’t cousin! Didn’t I say that my harem will welcome you anytime!” Yu Shanshan was anxious.

“I really don’t know what’s so good about that surname Yan, my cousin is so fascinated…”

Lin Yuan: “Say things quickly.”

Yu Shanshan: “Okay, I won’t say bad things about her. Actually, I asked for you to come over and help me!”

“My bestfriend is the flower of our school. Girls are very jealous. Some people say my bestfriend is good-looking but is problematic which is why she has no boyfriend.”

“You know my cousin, as a husband, ah no, as a good friend, of course I can’t bear it. I just went back and said that my school wife, ah no, school girl friend, not only has a boyfriend, but also their boyfriends even if tied together are not as strong as the boyfriend of our school flower.”

“This boyfriend is based on you excellent cousin. I have already said that I will show them to the music exhibition today.”

“So cousin, can you help my wife, it hurts, Chi Qian don’t fight, come and help my friend!”


“My friend is really super beautiful…Eh?! Cousin, do you agree?!” Yu Shanshan prepared a lot of words to convince Lin Yuan.

But didn’t expect Lin Yuan to say he agrees directly.

“Well, it’s okay at night anyway, but don’t you want to say anything after I help you so much?”

“How can that be? Cousin, my wife will be your wife from now on! My school flower friend is also given to you… Hey! Chi Qian, stop, stop, I’m wrong! I’ll treat you to dinner after my cousin is done!”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Yuan saw that Yu Shanshan had sent him the time and location.

This is why Lin Yuan said that someone would take the initiative to find him to see Chi Qian.

Although Yu Shanshan in the novel is talkative, she has a really good relationship with many girls, and even Chi Qian has a good relationship with her.

In the novel, Yu Shanshan also asked Lin Yuan, but the original Lin Yuan had no other time than to be a licking dog to Yan Ruyue, so naturally he refused.

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