Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 39 Wash your eyes 20 times.

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After tidying up a bit, Lin Yuan went out.

Today, Lin Yuan went out and opened a Pagani Zonda Cinque.

There are only five Pagani Cinque in the world, and Lin Yuan also spent 50 million to buy them.

Jinhua Square is very crowded today.

Because today, Jiangbei Conservatory of Music, one of the five major music academies, will hold a music exhibition here.

Everyone knows that there are many handsome men and beautiful ladies at Jiangbei Conservatory of Music, and many people come here because of handsome men and beautiful ladies.

There are also people who like to watch the excitement and listen to songs. In short, Jinhua Square is very crowded today.

At the gate of Jinhua Square, two girls are standing.

Almost all the people passing by can’t help but look at them.

Because these two girls are so good-looking, especially the temperament of one of them is so ethereal and like that of a fairy, even among the cloud-like beauties around Jiangbei Conservatory, they remain very eye-catching.

These two people are Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan.

“Chi Qian, don’t worry! My cousin said he will be here soon! Today I must help you slap those long-tongued women in the face, one by one, like a lemon, they are so ugly and too sour, I dare you, My cousin is really handsome!” Yu Shanshan said to Chi Qian.

Regarding Yu Shanshan’s words, Chi Qian just said with a smile on her face: “It’s okay, they can say whatever they like, and it won’t have any impact on me.”

Yu Shanshan said: “That’s not okay, you are too good, but I can’t stand it, as your husband… ah it hurts! As your good friend, I must slap them hard! Especially the one who likes to talk the most. Zhang Manli!”

Seeing Yu Shanshan’s excited look, Chi Qian smiled and said nothing.

Yu Shanshan also wanted to help her out, so although it didn’t matter to her, she didn’t say anything.

Currently the music exhibition is about to begin, and many students from the Conservatory of Music are also walking on the road in twos and threes.

Currently, Zhang Manli was getting off a BMW car.

Seeing everyone’s eyes attracted by Chi Qian, Zhang Manli, who was walking with her boyfriend, was very upset.

Zhang Manli doesn’t look bad, and she has been described as a school flower since she was a child. Although she doesn’t show it on the surface, she has always been happy in her heart.

But since attending the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music, no one surrounded her anymore.

Because Chi Qian is so beautiful.

She is the school flower recognized by the whole school.

And not only due to looks, but Chi Qian’s music level is also very high. Almost half of the boys in the school have confessed to Chi Qian, and of course they were all rejected.

The Jiangbei Conservatory of Music originally had many beautiful women, and with the existence of a perfect beauty in Chi Qian, Zhang Manli as the school flower have long been missed.

But Zhang Manli always felt that Chi Qian had harmed her.

She is jealous, she often talks ill of Chi Qian with her friends.

After finding a boyfriend with a little money, she even showed off all day long, also talking behind her back.

Starting rumors that she looks good on the surface, but in fact, her heart is dark, and her private life is a mess, so she has been unable to find a boyfriend, etc.

The representative of the lemon group that Yu Shanshan said is Zhang Manli.

Seeing Chi Qian at this time, Zhang Manli couldn’t help it again.

When passing by Chi Qian, Zhang Manli pretended to talk to her boyfriend and said, “Ouch! I just got off from the BMW, my hands are so cold, please help me blow!”

Zhang Manli pretends to be cold, but intentionally wants to show her boyfriend to Chi Qian and show how rich her boyfriend is.

It didn’t matter if Chi Qian saw this scene, she didn’t even look at it, but Yu Shanshan couldn’t stand it.

“What show off with just a broken BMW? It’s so funny. Some bugs are annoying. I have to wash my eyes twenty times when I go home today.” Yu Shanshan said directly.

“What are you talking about? Who are the bugs?!” Zhang Manli said angrily.

“Who is disgusting, who is a bug? gee, stinky.” Yu Shanshan also waved in front of her nose, as if she really smelled something stinky.

Zhang Manli was very angry and wanted to hit someone.

But there are so many people here, Zhang Manli naturally cannot do it, and Chi Qian didn’t even look at her, wouldn’t it be her loss?

“Don’t care about you, Wang Wei, please help me warm my hands, it’s so cold.” Zhang Manli reached out to her boyfriend, wanting to show off her love.

But she discovered that her boyfriend Wang Wei was looking at Chi Qian blankly.

“Wang! Wei!” Zhang Manli was very angry, patted her hand on Wang Wei’s face a few times.

“Yes!” Wang Wei reacted and hurriedly used his mouth to help Zhang Manli warm her hands with his mouth.

I admit that Chi Qian is indeed more beautiful than Zhang Manli.

However, it was not easy to chase after Zhang Manli, and Wang Wei did not dare to have any thoughts about a goddess like Chi Qian.

Seeing this scene, Yu Shanshan smiled again: “Can’t even control her boyfriend and she dares showing off her love, it’s ridiculous.”

“Humph! It’s better than some people’s boyfriends who haven’t come!” Zhang Manli sneered.

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