Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 40 Can you be sold enough to buy even a tire

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No boyfriend? Haha! Chi Qian’s boyfriend is much better than your boyfriend! He is the young master of a Hundred Billion Conglomerate, and he is more handsome than a celebrity, gentle and considerate! Your boyfriend can’t even match a finger! “Yu Shanshan said.

Originally Chi Qian was the one attracting the attention. But this time, it seemed that the commotion has gathered more people’s attention, and a group of people immediately gathered.

Zhang Manli enjoys being watched by others. She didn’t feel embarrassed when people is watching her, but rather proud.

“Who doesn’t know that you, Yu Shanshan is the most deceiving? What? Her boyfriend is the young master of the Hundred Billion Conglomerate, he is more handsome than the celebrity, gentle and considerate? Tsk tsk… Are you making me laugh to death?” Zhang Manli held Wang Wei’s hand , and said this arrogantly.

“A lie? Ridiculous. The Frog at the Bottom of the Well has never seen the world, found an old man in a BMW, and came out to show off. Isn’t that shameful? Yu Shanshan said.

“Little girl, what are you talking about? I really love Manli. What’s wrong with a BMW? If I knew that a BMW would be despised, I would have brought the Ferrari I just bought at home.” Wang Wei is a middle-aged man with a big belly. He prides himself on being successful and cannot bear Yu Shanshan’s ridicule.

As Wang Wei was talking, he accidentally showed off the Rolex Water Ghost on his arm.

Although Wang Wei isn’t hoping for anything, he still wants to see if he can attract Chi Qian.

“Yes, we are true love, just admit you are jealous, hmph.” Although it was really because of Wang Wei’s money, how could Zhang Manli admit it.

“In addition, what about your boyfriend? Where is he? No one sees one, and still bragging.” Zhang Manli deliberately looked around and mocked.

There are some girls who are jealous of Chi Qian and can’t help but talk about her.

“She is just pretending, she definitely doesn’t have a boyfriend. Even if she is beautiful, she is problematic.”

“That’s right! Pretending to be cold all day long, with her eyes above the top, pretentious! Don’t you just want to sell yourself for a good price?!”

“What a Young Master boyfriend? I haven’t even seen a single hair!”

Because Chi Qian made too many girls jealous, and there were a lot of girls gossiping, even if Yu Shanshan was very eloquent, it was difficult to single mouthily defend at this time.

“You…you lemon spirits… dare to slander Chi Qian, but Chi Qian…” Yu Shanshan was furious, and immediately wanted these people to know Chi Qian’s identity.

But Chi Qian interrupted, “Let’s go, there is nothing to say to them, lets go to the stadium.”

Seeing Chi Qian smiled and pulled her, Yu Shanshan didn’t say anything even though she was angry.

“You are too good, right? Look at the faces of these people!”

Chi Qian just smiled at Yu Shanshan.

The kind of upbringing and education in her family since she was young has made her indifferent to many things.

But when she really gets angry, the consequences are beyond everyone can ever take.

“I don’t know when my cousin will arrive.”

Although she looked bored, Yu Shanshan still prepared to enter the stadium with Chi Qian.

Seeing Yu Shanshan and Chi Qian preparing to leave.

Zhang Manli was even more proud, “Oh, now that the fake boyfriend doesn’t come, she will leave? It’s so funny!”

“Just leaving after you’re done and haven’t accomplished anything.

“I said she must be bragging, what a young master more handsome than a celebrity? Does she think she is Mary Sue in novels!”

Seeing the sarcasm of these people, there are men who wanted to be heroes who saves the beauty.

However, the mouths of these lemon-like women are too poisonous, and no one dares to stand up.

But at this moment, bursts of exclamation were suddenly heard, and the crowded people directly gave way.

“Wow! What kind of car is this? Isn’t it too handsome?!”

“Wow! It’s a Pagani Zonda Cinque! There are only five Pagani Zonda Cinques in the world! There are people in Jiangbei City who have this top luxury car!”

“My God! This car costs at least 40-50 million! I dare not even dream about this kind of car!”

Passers-by exclaimed.

Hearing the exclamation of these people, Yu Shanshan also brightened her eyes, and quickly stopped Chi Qian from leaving.

“Cousin! It must be my cousin!” Yu Shanshan exclaimed.

But Chi Qian still kept a faint smile, calm.

Faced with luxury cars like Pagani, everyone took the initiative to give way, and the crowded square cleared a road for it directly.

Easily, the Pagani drove to the gate of the square.

Everyone is very curious about who the owner of Paganini is and what he looked like.

“Isn’t it just a few pieces of money, what a showoff!” someone said sourly.

“Why are you so jealous, a few pieces of money? A 50 million Pagani is just a few pieces of money? Can you be sold enough to buy a tire?” Someone laughed.

“I…” the person exuding with so much jealousy, immediately had nothing to say.

“Maybe he is ugly or an old man!” the person exuding with so much jealousy, can only launch a personal attack.

Zhang Manli’s eyes became curious when she heard the discussion from people around her and knew that this Pagani is worth fifty million.

Looking at Wang Wei next to him, there was a trace of disgust in her eyes. If not for Wang Wei’s money, how could she even look at such an ugly person?

If only she can approach the owner of Pagani… Zhang Manli has thought about it.

Just when everyone was still caught up with the grandiose entrance,

The door of Pagani opened slowly upwards as if spreading its wings.

Everyone stared at the door closely.

Most people thought it will be a rich, ugly middle-aged or old man.

But what is surprising is that it turned out to be a young and handsome man who walked down!

“My God! So handsome!!!”

“So hot!”

“Wow! So handsome!”

During the entire moment that Lin Yuan walked down, the countless girls who were present were silenced, their eyes were full of pink hearts.

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