Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 41 Please have some self-respect, Miss!

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The handsome face is sharp and angular like a marble sculpture, the thick eyebrows are like two sharp swords, the eyes are dark and deep, the bridge of the nose is high, and the thin lips that are lightly pressed outline a touch of confidence and wilderness.

Whether it’s face shape or facial features, all are perfect and impeccable.

The figure in a delicate black tuxedo is even more slender and tall, making countless girls feel unbearable to rush into his arms.

Handsome! So handsome!

The girls present whether in their 70s or 80s, and even as low as 4 or 5 years old, couldn’t take their eyes off Lin Yuan.

The men also lowered their heads with self-confidence at rock bottom.

“I declare! He will be my new husband from now on! I don’t want Cai Kunkun or Fan Chengcheng!”

“Don’t compare those people with my male god! It’s an insult to my male god!”

“Oh my God! With a 50 million Pagani, he looks so handsome, perfect!”

The girls present are all getting crazy, and many girls are even planning on how to get Lin Yuan’s contact information.

Seeing the crazy eyes of these girls around, Lin Yuan also didn’t expect 200 points charm to be so terrifying.

But he was not too surprised, and there was no variation in his face.

He was looking for his cousin Yu Shanshan and Chi Qian.

Soon, he saw the two women.

Because Chi Qian is too easy to be noticed, even in the crowd, he can recognize her immediately.

This deserves to be 100 points.

This was Lin Yuan’s first thought after seeing Chi Qian.

Chi Qian wore a light blue evening gown. She was slender, with long hair touching her waist like a waterfall. There were no extra accessories on her body, and no extra accessories were needed.

That pretty face made people lament the Creator’s partiality, Lin Yuan couldn’t find words to describe it.

Almost all adjectives related to beauty can be used on her.

What made Lin Yuan feel the most special was the snow-white skin under Chi Qian’s light blue evening dress.

In the dark, it seems to be able to shine.

Not the pale white, nor simply white.

It is a dreamlike white, a crystal-like white just like a large porcelain doll, which makes people insecure and pity themselves

Lin Yuan feels that his impression of Chi Qian is very similar to Mary Sue, but Chi Qian is really the kind of perfect heroine in Mary Sue novels.

It can only be said that if Yan Ruyue is a peerless beauty with 95 points, then Chi Qian is 99 points!

The only deduction is that kind of dreamlike unreal feeling, which makes people feel like a fairy, too dreamy.

Although cousin Yu Shanshan next to Chi Qian is also a beautiful woman, she looks much inferior.

Yu Shanshan’s face is fleshy, and it also gives people a very charming feeling.

Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan also found Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian just smiled, while Yu Shanshan waved her hands frantically.


With a shout, Yu Shanshan made two to three steps before running over and threw herself directly into Lin Yuan’s arms.

“Hey, how old are you anyway? So many people are watching.” Lin Yuan said.

“Cousin, when did you become so handsome? Forget it. It does not matter. The more handsome the better! My best friend Chi Qian doesn’t need to be introduced for you to know who she is? Isn’t she beautiful? You are her boyfriend now! Try to be Intimate!” Yu Shanshan whispered in Lin Yuan’s ear.toAlthough people heard Yu Shanshan shouted cousin, seeing Yu Shanshan jump into his arms, made the women around jealous.

Lin Yuan nodded, and Yu Shanshan also got out of his arms, preparing to take Lin Yuan to see Chi Qian.

But just after walking a few steps, Zhang Manli was walking scratching her head.

When he walked to Lin Yuan’s side, Zhang Manli almost fell into Lin Yuan’s arms.

However, Lin Yuan rushed a little, and Zhang Manli almost fell to the ground.

“Handsome man, why won’t you help me? I am so fascinated by you.” Zhang Manli blinked at Lin Yuan and made such flattery.

50 million worth Pagani, handsome, young and rich, the entire moment she saw Lin Yuan, Zhang Manli, who worshipped money, decided to take the initiative to seduce Lin Yuan.

But can Lin Yuan still not see Zhang Manli’s plan?

Lin Yuan has no interest in vulgar woman.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Miss, please have some self-respect. I don’t like a woman whose stomach has undergone three abortions already.”

Hearing this, Zhang Manli was stunned.

How did Lin Yuan know that she had miscarried three times?

This is a secret she has been hiding in her heart!

“How did you know?!” Zhang Manli was very shocked and asked directly.

Lin Yuan smiled and didn’t say anything. Even if he hadn’t read the description of the novel, he could tell that Zhang Manli had been pregnant before. It is all thanks to his Divine Level Medical Skill.

“What? Zhang Manli had gone through abortion?”

“And three times already?!”

“God! I always thought she was just worshipping money, but I didn’t expect to have no self-respect!”

“She always talked about Chi Qian being the problematic one all day. It turns out she is the problematic one.”

The classmates and friends around began talking about Zhang Manli.

This news is too hot.

“Do you dare to hook up with a male god like this? This really makes me laugh.”

“Yes, shameless!”

Everyone spurned.

“Bitch girl! Didn’t you say that you’ve only had one boyfriend before? How and where did the three fetuses come from?!” Wang Wei came instantly and slapped Zhang Manli.

“You just want my body! Ugly and fat, impotent and incompetent! You only have few stinky money!” Zhang Manli is not easy to bully, and directly fought with Wang Wei.

Lin Yuan ignored these two people and continued to walk forward.

The girls in the direction he is walking, seeing Lin Yuan, made all their heart beat very violently.

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