Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 43 Yan Ruyue is too confident about herself!

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Yu Shanshan also noticed this and smiled at Lin Yuan: “Cousin, do you know what you put down just now? What you put down is not just a hand, but the whole world. I will tell you a secret. This is Chi Qian’s first time to hold hands with the opposite sex, oh it hurts, Oh it hurts, Qian Qian don’t fight…”

Yu Shanshan, who “secretly” informed Lin Yuan, was tapped on the head by Chi Qian again.

Lin Yuan also looked at with a smile.

His cousin Yu Shanshan is really a wonderful person, even though she picks up a lot of girls.

She can even have a very good relationship with Chi Qian who is seemingly gentle but is extremely resistant to others.

【Ding! Congratulations Master! Chi Qian’s favorability +1! Reward 100 counterattack points! 】

At this time, a system prompt suddenly appeared in Lin Yuan’s mind, and Lin Yuan was quite surprised.

When he met Chi Qian before, there was no option for her, and Lin Yuan thought it was impossible to get counterattack points from Chi Qian. (TLN: I think ‘no option for her’ means her name is not in favorability panel right when they met, please message me for correction).

He didn’t expect that he can still get counterattack points from Chi Qian even though she is female supporting cast.

And the number is not low, 1 point of favorability can get 100 counterattack points.

Lin Yuan knew how this favorability increased, probably because he took the initiative to let goof her hand.

The music fair has not yet started.

At this time everyone was already seated one after another.

Since both Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan belong to the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music, the three of them, including Lin Yuan, can go directly to the spacious VIP position in the front row of Jinhua Plaza.

After putting something to reserve a seat, Yu Shanshan said she was going to the toilet.

Chi Qian said she will accompany Yu Shanshan over.

Lin Yuan sat there alone and had nothing to do, so he also said to come with them to the bathroom together.

Due to males structural differences, Lin Yuan came out of the toilet first.

While standing outside waiting, Lin Yuan having nothing to do, looked around casually.

Almost every woman looked at Lin Yuan for a long time when they passed by, and some even stood still.

Lin Yuan was also very calm.

But when his eyes ran across a familiar figure, Lin Yuan was stunned.

Is it her?

How could it be her?

Why is she here?

Lin Yuan was stunned.

And this figure also saw Lin Yuan who was very eye-catching, and she was also stunned.

“Miss Yan, good evening.” Lin Yuan said hello politely, somewhat painful.

This damn fate, the acquaintance he met was not someone else, it was Yan Ruyue who had only parted at noon today!

Yan Ruyue obviously didn’t expect to meet Lin Yuan here, and she replied in amazement: “Good evening to you too, it’s such a coincidence, you also came to the music exhibition?”

“Yeah. I was called and asked to come.” Lin Yuan nodded painfully.

Lin Yuan was telling the truth; he was called by Yu Shanshan.

But these words in Yan Ruyue’s ears had a different meaning.

Jiangbei is so big.

Why did they part ways in the morning and met here again in the evening.

And even this Jinhua Square is very big, how could they meet by accident?

Yan Ruyue frowned slightly.

Could it be that Lin Yuan is going to stalk her like before, and follow her wherever she goes?

Although with things happening recently, Yan Ruyue hasn’t disliked Lin Yuan so much, and even has a slight affection towards him.

But she still hated Lin Yuan following her around like before.

So, Yan Ruyue, who thought she had guessed Lin Yuan’s intentions, asked directly: “Did my mother tell you that I was here?”

Seeing Yan Ruyue’s frowning brow, there was this question.

Lin Yuan understood immediately.

It seems that Yan Ruyue thought that he came to the music exhibition because he asked information on her where abouts from her mother Song Xuan, and then precisely came to her.

“Didn’t you say that you wont follow me anymore?” Yan Ruyue frowned.

This woman, has so many dramas…

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but shake his head.

She is too confident about herself.

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