Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 44 It is true that she feels too confident about herself!

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Facing the narcissistic Yan Ruyue, Lin Yuan didn’t have a good tone and was also angry.

He said coldly: “Miss Yan, don’t think too much, I really came with a friend, and this has nothing to do with you Miss Yan.”

“Oh? Really? That’s a coincidence. Jiangbei is so big for us to run into each other. It’s really predestined.” Yan Ruyue mocked, she had already assumed that Lin Yuan wanted to make a chance encounter.

“Are you still a teenager? You still want to make chance encounters? If you have told me you really want to come together, I won’t refuse. Recently you have really helped me a lot and I am very grateful to you. But following so sneakily, Do you really find this kind of old-fashioned coincidence interesting?” Yan Ruyue said coldly.

Looking at the cold and frosty face of Yan Ruyue, Lin Yuan had a headache.

What is happening here?

Why would he even come to the music exhibition because of her?

It seems that Lin Yuan, the licking dog before, gave Yan Ruyue too much self-confidence.

If Lin Yuan really wanted to make a chance encounter, he wouldn’t have such a headache.

“Miss Yan, please don’t be too confident, please don’t think too much…”

Lin Yuan was speechless for a while. Although he was eloquent and articulate, he didn’t know how to talk to people whose brain short-circuited.

Seeing that Lin Yuan was speechless, Yan Ruyue snorted and turned around to leave.

At this moment, Yu Shanshan ran out of the toilet.

“Cousin, you’ve been waiting for a long time! I just had to change my napkin, which is why I took a long time… Huh?! What happened with you? I and Chi Qian just went to the bathroom for few minutes and you already started chatting with the beautiful woman that just left?”

Yu Shanshan ran over happily, and saw Yan Ruyue turning away halfway. Although she couldn’t see her face clearly, she could see that she was a beautiful woman, so she asked Lin Yuan in surprise.

“What is wrong about chatting with beautiful women? It’s just a chance encounter with a friend.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“Oh? Friend? What kind of friend? I didn’t expect you to have friends?”

“Ordinary friends, in addition, if you will continue to nag, I will send the photos of your thirteen harems to your mother’s phone?”

“Please don’t! Cousin, I was wrong! Please don’t! Please!” Yu Shanshan hurried over and shook Lin Yuan’s arm miserably.

Lin Yuan didn’t fight with Yu Shanshan again.

He looked at Yan Ruyue, who was standing not far in front of him, with her back facing them.

Yan Ruyue’s fair neck and the back of her ears were red, and she can only wryly.

He could guess how embarrassed Yan Ruyue was at this time.

And just as Lin Yuan thought, Yan Ruyue just walked two steps and heard the conversation between Yu Shanshan and Lin Yuan behind her.

Yan Ruyue was not a fool. With what Lin Yuan said earlier, she immediately figured out that what she thought was wrong.

What Lin Yuan said about waiting for someone was true.

The coincidence Lin Yuan said was also true.

The idea of sneaky gesture of following her was false.

She feels too confident about herself… this seems to be true.

At this time, Yan Ruyue’s cheeks were flaming red and she felt her cheeks aching.

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