Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 46 Accept it for her as a boyfriend!

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Lin yuan looked up and saw a boy wearing a uniform of the Jiangbei Conservatory of music.

When Yu Shanshan saw this person, she said with her hands on her hips and said impolitely: “Shan Shuwen, what we are talking about is none of your business. Get out of here.”

After hearing Yu Shanshan’s words, Lin Yuan also understood who this person was.

Shan Shuwen, an alumnus and classmate of Chi Qian in the novel.

Chi Qian, a perfect goddess, is naturally chased by a lot of admirers, but most people know that they don’t deserve her, and don’t dare to pursue further after being rejected.

The rich second-generation licking dog, Shan Shuwen, has been chasing Chi Qian.

Shan Shuwen, who was set up to be slapped by the protagonist Ye Feng on the face, even after getting slapped by Ye Feng, still insisted on, and he was deeply affectionate.

No wonder, he dares to come over to Chi Qian.

Shan Shuwen said to Yu Shanshan irritably, “Yu Shanshan, shut up!”

Then he handed a hand warmer to Chi Qian and said: “It’s cold, keep yourself from getting colds, and remember to drink plenty of hot water.”

Chi Qian ignored him. She didn’t even glance at Shan Shuwen, but leaned on Lin Yuan’s shoulder instead.

Feeling the softness of Chi Qian leaning against his shoulders and the look in Chi Qian’s eyes, Lin Yuan understood.

Chi Qian is also annoyed of Shan Shuwen, and she doesn’t like other people’s things, let alone hand warmers, even if Shan Shuwen bought new ones.

Thinking of Chi Qian’s cold hands, Lin Yuan took the initiative and stood up.

“If you insist on giving that to Qian Qian, then I will accept it for her as a boyfriend.” Lin Yuan grabbed the hand warmer from Shan Shuwen.

Then Chi Qian used it suddenly, let alone, it was quite warm.

Shan Shuwen was taken aback by Lin Yuan’s sudden movements.

Yu Shanshan said with hands on the waist: “Have you heard? My cousin, the most rich and handsome, Chi Qian’s boyfriend, has already spoken, can you get out?”

Facing Lin Yuan, who was half a head taller than him, worth hundreds of billions more than himself him, and half the world more handsome than him, Shan Shuwen felt a little inferior and timid.

But he still said: “I don’t believe that Chi Qian will has a boyfriend! I know it is fake! And I have been practicing piano for a long time, and today I will definitely perform with Chi Qian!”

After talking, Shan Shuwen ran away.

Although Lin Yuan didn’t mean to do anything, Shan Shuwen was still afraid that Lin Yuan would hit him.

And Lin Yuan is too handsome. Standing next to Lin Yuan, Shan Shuwen always feels that other person looks at him as if he is looking at a dog…

“Shan Shuwen, this fly is really annoying.” Yu Shanshan waved her hand as if driving away flies.

Chi Qian sat up straight again, and then smiled at Lin Yuan: “Sorry for using Master Lin as a shield.”

Knowing what Chi Qian meant, Lin Yuan also smiled back, “It’s okay.”

Looking at Chi Qian’s eyes that looked like colored jade glass, Lin Yuan was a little surprised.

Because he found that his two hundred points charm didn’t seem to have any effect on Chi Qian.

After the charm reached two hundred points, Lin Yuan would unknowingly look at himself for a some time in the mirror.

It is also difficult for the girls present to look away from him.

Even Yu Shanshan, the cousin who had thirteen harems, sometimes looks at him strangely…

But for Chi Qian, there was almost no fluctuation in her eyes.

But Lin Yuan hoped that there should still be some effect.

Chi Qian doesn’t like to have physical contact with others or use things that others have already used. Even among girls, she only prefers to have some contact with Yu Shanshan.

Not to mention the opposite sex, so it is definitely true that it was her first time holding hands with a man and she even took the initiative to lean against him.

If his charm was low, even if it was necessary to do such a thing, Chi Qian might not consider coming so close.

Lin Yuan guessed.

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