Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 47 I think you are trying to get your ass kicked!

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And while Lin Yuan was thinking of this, Chi Qian was actually surprised with Lin Yuan.

Because Lin Yuan looked at her with very clear eyes.

The look of Lin Yuan on Chi Qian’s face wasn’t strange nor was it rude.

And he was calm and not affected by her natural indifferent personality.

Chi Qian was nurtured by her family since she was a child, and coupled with her personality, her indifferent and noble character can always make others unconsciously bow their heads when they come face to face with her, but Lin Yuan doesn’t seem uncomfortable.

Both of them were analyzing each other, but remained silent and did not express anything.

The music exhibition started soon.

Jiangbei Conservatory of Music can be regarded as one of the five major music academies.

Jiangbei Conservatory of Music is amazing

Not only are there handsome men and women on stage, but they are also good at playing instruments, singing, or dancing.

Suddenly, the licking dog Shan Shuwen who had come to give the hand warmer before came on stage.

Sitting in front of the piano, Shan Shuwen glanced at Lin Yuan and Chi Qian

Then Shan Shuwen said: “For one person, until today, I have been practicing piano for three years.”

“I am practicing until both my hands are covered with band-aids and calluses.”

“I am practicing to improve my skills continously”

“I just want to play a song with that person.”

Hearing Shan Shuwen’s words, many viewers yelled ‘wow’. After all, what he said was very romantic and appropriate for the situation.

“It’s good to be young!”

“Come on, boy! I wish you the best of luck!”

After receiving such response, Shan Shuwen nodded in satisfaction and continued: “That person is Miss Chi Qian, I…”

Before Shan Shuwen could continue speaking, the cheering voice of the audience changed.

“Hey! Playing with the goddess Chi Qian? I think you are trying to get your ass kicked!”

“Yes! What does it mean to play with Chi Qian? You don’t compare to the face of the male god Lin Yuan?”

“Compared with my male god, you are too ugly, boy, I suggest you look in the mirror first!”

Shan Shuwen did not expect the audience to react so intensely.

He shut up quickly, afraid to speak, and then began to play the piano.

“Ding Ding Ding…”

After the piano sounded, everyone did not speak any more, and the quality of his music was okay.


A beep came from the piano.

Shan Shuwen played a piano piece called ‘The Flight of the Bumble Bee’. (TLN: For Anyone interested: The flight of the bumble bee)

The tempo is quite fast, but he seems quite comfortable.

After his playing, he received a lot of praise.

And Shan Shuwen stood up proudly, and looked towards Chi Qian and Lin Yuan.

There was a slight provocative expression in Lin Yuan’s eyes.

Yu Shanshan immediately said uncomfortably: “Conceited! I don’t know what it was, All I heard was just buzzing sounds, it was so noisy!”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Actually, he can play pretty well, with very little out of tune, and the rhythm was fine. It just doesn’t affect the feelings of the audience too much. One cannot get the feeling of the wild waves that a mad bee should have, as it seemed he only focuses on showing off his skills.”

Chi Qian on the side nodded, “Well, you are right”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Yu Shanshan’s eyes lit up and said: “Cousin, do you know piano too?!”

“I understand a little.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“If you understand even a little, will you go up the stage and play a song? That person surnamed Shan is too disgusting for me. And I really want to watch you play the piano!” Yu Shanshan suddenly became a baby.

“Qian Qian, do you want to hear it too? Don’t you?” She even pulled Chi Qian up.

Seeing Yu Shanshan’s eyes, Chi Qian couldn’t help but smile.

However, Lin Yuan remained motionless and smiled: “Today’s music exhibition is your school’s exhibition. Why would I go up to play? Isn’t it like smashing someone else’s place?”

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