Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 48 Master Lin Yuan plays!

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Yu Shanshan immediately said: “No, no! Today’s exhibition is open to everyone. And as long as you cousin wants to go, no one can oppose that! Cousin please go up and play a song.”

Yu Shanshan shook Lin Yuan’s arm and said playfully.

“Master Lin Yuan, please play a song! We really want to hear you play!”, several girls sitting behind them of Lin Yuan also shouted. It seems that they heard Yu Shanshan’s words.

Not only did the girls behind shouted, but also the girls around looked at Lin Yuan with bright eyes, and hoping to hear him play a song.

What? Lin Yuan can actually play the piano? Lin Yuan wants to play the piano?

Hearing the yells of those girls, many people wondered if he can play.

When the other girls heard that Lin Yuan was asked to play the piano, their eyes lit up.

Thoughts began to flash in their minds.

Lin Yuan is so handsome, almost all the girls think that Lin Yuan is the most handsome man in the audience, none of them can match or compare to him.

The most obvious thing is that Lin Yuan has a noble, elegant and indifferent personality.

How joyful would it be to see such a graceful nobleman like Lin Yuan play the piano?

How lucky is that?

Is it worth it in this life?

Many girls felt their body get hotter on the thought of seeing Lin Yuan play the piano.

“Master Lin Yuan play a song!”

“Master Lin Yuan play a song!”

“Master Lin Yuan play a song!”

After half a minute passed, from one person becomes 10, 10 becomes 100, until almost everyone in the audience yelled the same.

Even a beautiful woman who was in charge of carrying an equipment accidentally pushed the grand piano, then covered her face but still glanced at Lin Yuan while running back to the backstage.

The happenings were very chaotic.

“Cousin, just play one song! Just one!” Yu Shanshan said.

“Okay.” Lin Yuan smiled bitterly.

“Thank you.” Chi Qian suddenly said to Lin Yuan.

“Huh?” Lin Yuan was puzzled.

“Compared to playing a musical instrument with other people, I should be more comfortable playing with you.” Chi Qian smiled beautifully like a flower.

Many people were stunned by such a smile, regardless of whether it was a man or a woman. Lin Yuan was slightly surprised by the smile.

Is this a killer smile?

Such smile, whether intentional or not can be considered a crime, right?

Lin Yuan also smiled and said, “Alright then. I will try my best. I don’t want my ‘girlfriend’ to play with others.”

“Come on.” Chi Qian smiled and cheered for Lin Yuan.

Yu Shanshan also clenched her small fist and said, “Cousin, good luck!”

After deciding to play, Lin Yuan stood up directly.

Upon seeing Lin Yuan get up, the audience shouted in surprise.


The girls were especially screaming one after the other.

Lin Yuan was quite calm.

He calmly went from the audience to the center of the stage.

In the corner, Yan Ruyue was also in a mixed mood looking at the extremely popular Lin Yuan.

When did Lin Yuan become so popular?

But it is not surprising. After all, Lin Yuan is the young master of the Lin family.

Moreover, Yan Ruyue finds Lin Yuan was so handsome now that she sometimes couldn’t help but look twice.

On the stage, Lin Yuan in a tuxedo sat slowly in front of the piano.

A handsome noble young master sitting beside the exquisite grand piano was like looking at a painting.

A girl next to him who was responsible for the maintenance and transport of the musical instruments felt her heart pounding heavily and her breathing became inconsistent at the sight of such a handsome man.

“Huh! What’s the use of being handsome? I don’t think that you can play the piano better than me!” Shan Shuwen, feeling a little jealous, looked at Lin Yuan, while walking towards the stage with a lot of people cheering on.

“As the young master of a well-known family, who is also an expert in the stock market, playing the piano must be very ordinary, right?”

“You are not allowed to slander my male god… My male god is the greatest!”

Some people in the audience said that Lin Yuan might not be good at playing the piano, but Lin Yuan’s fan’s immediately refuted it.

But in fact, even his fan did not have much confidence in Lin Yuan’s piano skills.

After all, Lin Yuan, as a young master, is so successful in business, and it would be too much if can play the piano as well.

Yu Shanshan looked at Lin Yuan nervously while, Chi Qian looked at him with a smile.

Yan Ruyue also looked at Lin Yuan strangely. She herself could play the piano well, but she remembered that Lin Yuan didn’t know how to?

At this time, Lin Yuan seemed to be stroking the piano keys.

But actually, Lin Yuan is…

” Shen Lan, upgrade my piano skill to divine level.

“Yes Master!”

Lin Yuan has a habit of pursuing perfection.

Maybe an advanced piano skill is enough, but he prefers perfection.

【Ding! 1000 counterattack points consumed! The piano level is raised to the Divine Level! 】

As the prompt sounded, Lin Yuan possessed a lot of advanced piano playing skills in his mind. He knew almost every piece to play.

“In a fleeting moment, I will give you a great show and play a piece I personally like.” Lin Yuan said.

After speaking, Lin Yuan’s hands moved.

Seeing the trembling of Lin Yuan’s fingers, most people who had some knowledge of piano thought that Lin Yuan is going to play difficult piece.

Because when Lin Yuan’s fingers were in the air, it trembled very noticeably.

But when Lin Yuan’s fingers touched the piano keys, they were all surprised.

Because Lin Yuan played the tunes modestly, much simpler than they thought.

With the movement of Lin Yuan’s fingertips, sorrowful and weeping melody kept floating out of it.

Even if it is just a prelude, it gives people a very sad feeling.

At the very moment when the first note was played, everyone was stunned.

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