Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 50 Did not perform to fullest of my ability!

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A few minutes later, Lin Yuan’s fingers stopped moving.

The piano stopped.

Everyone in the audience was still immersed in the charming melody, and could not get out of it for a long time.

Until Lin Yuan got up.

At this moment, the audience applauded like thunder, like pouring heavy rain bombarding the iron sheet, like the sound of stormy waves hitting the shore.

“Long live Master Lin Yuan.”

“WDNMD! Master Lin that is pretty damn good! I was just completely immersed in piano music!”

“It’s really scary! Young Master Lin’s playing skills made me cry and laugh, laugh and then cry again. My tears just couldn’t stop. It reminds me of when my wife died ten years ago, but I thought about the recent graduation of my daughter, then I laughed again.”

“Master Lin is amazing. I remembered my grandma who used to buy sweets for me for a few cents in my childhood, and my grandfather who took me to catch a fish by the river… I recall that sad and happy feeling…”

“Who can imagine that Young Master Lin Yuan, who is extremely handsome and own hundreds of billions in stocks, is secretly a god-level pianist?”

“Master Lin Yuan is awesome! I love you! Me too!”

“Homosexual guys go away! Master Lin Yuan, I want to give you a monkey! (TLN: I want to give you a monkey, an internet buzzword meaning “I want to give you a child / I want to give birth to your child.” Maybe because saying that shows that the girl is not reserved enough, and looks funny like a monkey? Please correct me if I’m wrong)

Cheers and applause resounded at the stadium.

Hearing these cheers, Shan Shuwen covered his face.

He was extremely ashamed at this time, because he knew that he would never be able to match Lin Yuan’s piano ability, and he just looked down at others provocatively, which is too shameful, but fortunately nobody cares about him.

As for Yan Ruyue, her looks at Lin Yuan was very complicated, with a trace of regret that she had not noticed.

This piano piece is very good. I am afraid that every girl here would want to listen to it in their lifetime, right?

She once had the chance to listen to Lin Yuan playing the piano only for her eyes and ears for a lifetime.

But that chance have long vanished since. Yan Ruyue knew that Lin Yuan would not chase after her like before…

Under the gaze of everyone, Lin Yuan walked back to his seat calmly.

As soon as Lin Yuan was seated, Yu Shanshan whose eyes is full of little stars, and with a tone full of admiration “Wow! Cousin, you are too good! Our Jiangbei Conservatory is one of the best in China, but I have never heard anyone from here play so great like you!”

“Unfortunately, there were a few keys that were a little bit off. I was not able to perform to the fullest of my ability” Lin Yuan forged a smile.

“I really want my thirteen harems to listen to you while you play the piano cousin. But if I let them listen to you, they might betray me. But I really want to listen to you with them.” Yu Shanshan began to struggle with herself.

When Yu Shanshan struggled with herself, Chi Qian also praised Lin Yuan and said: “Young Master Lin Yuan played really well.”

“Thank you.” Lin Yuan responded with a smile.

Seeing Chi Qian’s sincere eyes, Lin Yuan knew that Chi Qian did not praise him out of just being polite, but really admired him.

Chi Qian’s piano skills are also at high level, and she is also proud of herself, but she really admires Lin Yuan’s piano skills.

“By the way, what’s the name of the last piece you played? I have never heard it before. It’s amazing that sadness can be mixed with happiness.” Chi Qian asked with a light smile.

“Yes, cousin, I haven’t heard the last piece you played, it’s amazing!” Yu Shanshan also asked.

Hearing their reply, Lin Yuan was taken aback for a moment. Then he took out his mobile phone and quickly typed in and searched ‘sad or happy’. There was really no such piece.

Lin Yuan remembered that the world in the novel was a fictional world and that not all things in the real world can be present.

It seems that this world does not have this piano piece.

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