Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 51 Chi Qian comes on stage, the voting for the ensemble begins!

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“That piece is called Sad or Happy. It was written by someone else and I just wanted to play it.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“Huh? Did someone else write it? I can’t find it.” Yu Shanshan tried searching it but couldn’t find it.

Chi Qian smiled and said nothing.

When she was trying to learn the piano, Chi Qian had practiced almost all of the slightly famous pieces.

She would have like “Sad or Happy” If she has heard it, she will never forget it.

So even though Lin Yuan said it was written by someone else, Chi Qian strongly believes it was written by Lin Yuan himself. He is just being humble.

Of course, Chi Qian wouldn’t question Lin Yuan further because she developed some kind of admiration for him now.

【Ding! Chi Qian’s impression of you has changed again! Counterattack point +200! 】

【Ding! Yan Ruyue favorability +5! Counterattack point +200! 】

Two prompt sounds came from the system.

Lin Yuan knew how Chi Qian feels towards him so didn’t explain further.

On the other hand, Yan Ruyue’s favorability toward him increased again, which surprised him a bit.

The succeeding performances were relatively bland after hearing Lin Yuan’s performance.

Even the students of Jiangbei Conservatory of Music thought that no matter how good they perform, they are far behind Lin Yuan’s skills.

Most of the people there still could not get over Lin Yuan’s performance.

Finally, after being dull for a while, the music exhibition is nearly coming to an end.

After some time, the host came out and said passionately: “Today’s music exhibition is about to come to an end! For the finale, let us invite on stage, our very own school flower, whose violin skill is perfect and has won the hearts of many people, the perfect goddess praised by experts from violin industry – Chi Qian!”

Following the host’s words, Chi Qian, who was dressed in a light blue evening dress, looked like a mortal fairy, walked towards the stage with a smile.

Chi Qian, holding her violin, with her hair touching her waist, was an exceptionally beautiful sight.


To see Chi Qian playing her instrument, the audience was instantly ignited with so much passion.

It cant be denied that her popularity is quite high since many people came to the music exhibition just to see her perform.

So after seeing Chi Qian, everyone got excited and started cheering on her.

Chi Qian holding the violin in her hands looked like a perfect goddess. She can make a lot of people obsessed with her beauty.

Chi Qian’s evening dress is very long, with almost no skin exposed except her wrist, but she still captivates everyone’s attention.

Yan Ruyue compared herself to Chi Qian and felt slightly inferior to her.

Looking at Chi Qian, the host continued to smile and said: “This time the finale performance will be performed by two people. The other person who will be performing alongside Chi Qian has to be selected among the people performed.”

“As for who it will be, all of you will have to decide! Open WeChat, follow our school’s WeChat official account, and then you can start voting!”

After hearing the host’s words, everyone laughed.

“Vote to decide who will accompany the goddess Chi Qian? I wonder who it will be

“Yes! That’s right, Do you even need to ask? Of course it will be me…”

“Roll, go ahead and play for yourself. The one who shall accompany Chi Qian must be Master Lin Yuan, not you!”

“Right, right, right! They are the perfect match! If you don’t choose Young Master Lin Yuan, who else can you choose?”

“I really want to listen to Master Lin playing the piano again! Ever since I saw and hear him play the piano, he became my idol. I am going to create dozens of accounts to vote for him only.”

Almost all of the people in the audience rooted for Lin Yuan.

But they were soon shocked and confused.

“What’s going on? Why is there no Master Lin Yuan among the voting options?”

“Yes! What exactly is going on?!”


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