Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 55 The shadow next to the Pagani!

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This habit of Chi Qian is a habit of a Libra, and Lin Yuan, who is also a Libra, understands it well.

He didn’t feel annoyed at all, because her doing such means that the fairy like Chi Qian had already started stepping with half her foot, out of her fairy palace.

As for whether it will come out completely will depend on how attractive the outside is.

Lin Yuan was surprised for a moment, and his eyes were calm and replied, “Miss Chi Qian’s violin was also played perfectly.”

Lin Yuan’s eyes remained calm as he observes Chi Qian quietly.

Understanding the habits of Libra does not mean that Lin Yuan would give in to Chi Qian’s teasing.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s eyes as clear as water, Chi Qian smiled slightly, her face calm.

But she became a little surprised.

When she saw Lin Yuan’s eyes fluctuate, she was a little happy.

But unexpectedly, Lin Yuan recovered his calmness in an instant.

This momentary fluctuation is incomparable to her heartstrings getting toyed when they performed ‘Love’s Greeting’ together.

Although it was only because of the lovely melody, not because of what the heart truly feels, she was still a little unhappy.

This was the first time that Chi Qian, who always gets her ways into anything, was unsuccessful in provoking people so she felt a little frustrated.

Chi Qian didn’t say anything.

At this time, the host on the stage announced the end of the exhibition, and everyone left.

Yan Ruyue looked at Lin Yuan who was still entertaining some people from the audience. She immediately then turned away and left, not knowing what she was thinking.

Today’s music exhibition was over.

Lin Yuan, Chi Qian, and Yu Shanshan are also preparing to say their goodbyes.

“It is not safe at night. Should I send you two back to school?” Lin Yuan said.

“Your sports car has only two seats, right?” Chi Qian said with a smile.

Lin Yuan had in mind that the Pagani he brought with him only had two seats.

Yu Shanshan’s eyes rolled around and she said, “Well, I will go out with my friends for a while, brother. You can send Qian Qian back to the schools dormitory.”

Chi Qian smiled and said, “Which friend are you hanging out with? Why don’t I know you had plans after the music exhibition? Be honest and just go back to the dorm with me.”

Lin Yuan also said: “You’d better go back with Chi Qian, or your mother will know that you stayed late tonight.”

“Okay.” Yu Shanshan could only succumb, and gave Lin Yuan a look as if saying she was only giving Lin Yuan and Chi Qian a chance to be alone.

Lin Yuan turned a blind eye.

Just before parting, Chi Qian suddenly said, “Young Master Lin, can you leave your contact information?”

Hearing Chi Qian’s words, Yu Shanshan immediately hooted: “Wow! This is the first time Qian Qian ever asked someone for contact information.”

After the usual hit on the head of Yu Shanshan, Chi Qian explained: “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean anything else. I just want to thank you for coming today. I want to treat you to a meal some time and express my gratitude.”

“Of course, if we have the opportunity, we can play again together some time, if it is okay with Young Master Lin?”

Lin Yuan readily agreed, “Of course.”

After exchanging contact information, the two waved their goodbyes.

After turning around, as he was about to walk away, a girl suddenly showed up running towards him.

“You…Hello! My name is Qingtong and I like you so much! I just want to hand you my letter!” The girl blushed as she tucked the letter in Lin Yuan’s arms and then walked away

Lin Yuan was all smile during this time and had a good impression of the girl.

Although only half of her face can be seen, her eyes looked very beautiful.

He admired Qingtong’s courage to give him the letter personally.

It’s not that he likes to boast, but after his charm reaches 200 points, 90% of women will be head over heels to him.

But the girls always looked at him from a distance and felt they don’t deserve getting attention from him so they dared look away.

Especially today, there is a perfect Chi Qian beside him.

So, this girl is really courageous to give him a letter.

Lin Yuan put the letter in his pocket and walked outside the hall.

He went out of the stadium gate and walked towards his Pagani. Just after a few steps, Lin Yuan saw a shadow next to his car!


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