Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 56 A punch will make you cry for a long time, right?

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Lin Yuan thought that someone might have wanted to rob him and had an interest in his Pagani knowing he was rich.

Lin Yuan squinted his eyes trying to estimate the person behind the shadow.

He was trying to determine if there was only one thief and whether he was unarmed.

With his strength and physique of one hundred and fifty points, he can surely teach the thief a lesson.

But after approaching the person behind the shadow, Lin Yuan discovered that the shadow turned out to be a slim woman, a female acquaintance.

Lin Yuan was a little speechless for a while, because the person behind the shadow was Yan Ruyue.

Lin Yuan was prepared to clash with the person behind the shadow but suddenly became helpless when Yan Ruyue having such a beautiful face looked at him.

Lin Yuan sighed and said, “Miss Yan you are such a beautiful woman, a young Miss, a cold female president…”

“A punch will make you cry for a long time right?”

“Ah?!” Yan Ruyue was stunned when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

“Just kidding. What can I do for you? Did we meet by coincidence again? This is not a coincidence again is it?

Hearing Lin Yuan’s mentioning about chance encounter again was like ridicule to Yan Ruyue and made her cheeks blush.

“No, it’s not a coincidence…” Yan Ruyue replied blushing.

But the simple question of what’s wrong with Lin Yuan seemed to have been asked by Yan Ruyue.

She had a lot of questions going on in her mind which she likes to ask Lin Yuan but she kept on hesitating to ask.

After leaving the stadium, she thought a lot. For example, how does Lin Yuan play the piano so well? Who was the girl who played with him? What is their relationship?

So she asked her bodyguard to go home first and silently stood next to the Pagani patiently waiting for Lin Yuan to arrive.

She was at a loss for words although she had a lot of things to say.

“Uh… just now my bodyguards went home first. I have no car. I was hoping I can ask you to take me home?”

Hearing what Yan Ruyue said, Lin Yuan in disbelief, rolled his eyes a few times.

I his mind he said: “Bodyguards, as the name suggests, are people who shall ensure your safety. Why the hell would they go home first.”

“It must be you who told them to go which is why they left first.”

Lin Yuan didn’t bother to ask why. After pulling the door to get into the car, he knocked on the steering wheel and said, “Miss Yan, get in the car.”

Yan Ruyue immediately opened the car door and just as she was about to enter…

Lin Yuan said: “I can take Miss Yan home, but Miss Yan has to pay the fare.”

Yan Ruyue was taken aback: “How much does it cost?”

Lin Yuan thought for a while, thenlooked at Yan Ruyue and said, “No money, just give me your hair tie.”

Yan Ruyue was shocked for a moment, not knowing what Lin Yuan was going to do with her hair tie, but she obediently untied her hair.

Then get in and put the hair tie in the car.

Seeing Yan Ruyue remove the hair tie and her black hair fell loose, Lin Yuan closed the car door and stepped on the accelerator.

Lin Yuan doesn’t want the hair tie itself.

Rather, he wants to establish the principle of exchange where people must pay back for whatever was received.

Yan Ruyue was about to go home so she does not need the hair tie anymore.

Dog licking is referred as it is because it does not ask anything in return.

Although Lin Yuan knew that Yan Ruyue does not see him as licking dog anymore, he still wanted to stress the same by establishing the exchange principle.

As soon as they took off, Lin Yuan did not speak, and Yan Ruyue also remained silent. The atmosphere in the car was filled with silence.

But soon, Yan Ruyue took the initiative to speak.

“Um… I’m sorry about what happened today. I was too frank, and I apologize to you for my rudeness. I’m really sorry.”

Yan Ruyue’s cheeks blushed while apologizing and thinking of what was happened tonight.


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