Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 58 Yan Ruyue couldn’t sleep!

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Feeling uncomfortable. Yan Ruyue opened the car door with difficulty.

Outside the villa, several maids were already waiting to come and help Yan Ruyue who has returned late.

But when they walked in, they were all shocked when they saw Yan Ruyue’s appearance.

Yan Ruyue, who seemed to have realized what was happening, took her phone out to take a picture of herself.

Looking at her picture, she was shocked as well.

Her normally neat hair is in a mess looking like a chicken’s nest.

Her cheeks received the ruthless gust of the wind and there were a few wisps of clear liquid in her nose.

Her eyes are also very dull.

It is as if someone with fear of heights just came down from a rollercoaster ride.

“Lin Yuan!!!”

Biting her red lips hard, Yan Ruyue rushed back to villa immediately.

After washing, Yan Ruyue finally recovered her beautiful self.

Lying in bed, she couldn’t help but remember that feeling when Lin Yuan was driving the car fast, super fast!

And thinking how dangerous it has been made her adrenaline go crazy.

Fortunately, there were not a lot of cars at night.

She was angry for a while but soon calmed down.

She felt a little nostalgic but couldn’t explain why.

In the past, her life was always quite satisfactory under her mother’s management.

Except for her cold personality, she still made her mother quite proud of her.

But today after she yelled in the car, she felt an unexplainably relaxed and happy.

Even now, in Yan Ruyue’s heart, she was a little looking forward to getting into Lin Yuan’s car again.

Shaking her head vigorously, Yan Ruyue threw out her strange thought.

After a while, Yan Ruyue opened WeChat in her phone.

Clicking on Lin Yuan’s contact image, Yan Ruyue put her hands on the keyboard, but couldn’t press a word.

After struggling for a long time, Yan Ruyue still failed to restrain her curiosity.

Yan Ruyue: “Why do you play the piano so well?”

After almost falling asleep while waiting for half an hour, Yan Ruyue received Lin Yuan’s reply.

Lin Yuan: “Self-taught.”

After receiving the reply, Yan Ruyue immediately became energetic.

But Lin Yuan’s reply was only a few words, making Yan Ruyue frown.

Suddenly she remembered… When Lin Yuan asked her questions before, she also responded very briefly.

Yan Ruyue couldn’t help but asked again: “What was the last piece you played? Could you tell me the title?”

It was another half an hour later.

Lin Yuan: “Sad or Happy”

Yan Ruyue said the title to herself several times.

Soon she realized that she can relate very much to the piece. Whenever he sees Lin Yuan, she was sad and happy at the same time.

Yan Ruyue struggled for a while but couldn’t help and asked away.

Yan Ruyue: “What relationship do you have with the girl who played alongside you?”

However, after half an hour passed, Yan Ruyue was hurt.

Lin Yuan still haven’t replied to her message.

On the other side, Lin Yuan, who was at home, and whose legs were crossed, was eating leisurely while surfing the Internet.

Occasionally, he exchanged a few messages with Qiu Wanxi, Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan over the phone.

As for Yan Ruyue, Lin Yuan has not replied anything.


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