Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 57 Fasten your seat belt and hold on to your seat!

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“It’s okay, after all, my past incomprehensible actions left you with a lot of bad impressions. In your heart, my image is a bit awful, and I believe it is inevitable.” Lin Yuan waved his hand; his tone was flat.

Anyway, the licking dog is all in the past, and ‘he’ was not him.

Yan Ruyue still thinking she offended Lin Yuan, quickly explained: “No, no! I found you’ve changed! Really!”

“Well, that’s good.” Lin Yuan said coldly.

Lin Yuan’s reply seemed to have blocked Yan Ruyue, making her wonder how to keep the conversation going.

Yan Ruyue didn’t know what to say, and Lin Yuan did not speak.

Then, there was silence again.

But in fact, Yan Ruyue had a lot of questions in her heart which she desperately wants to ask Lin Yuan.

For example, why does Lin Yuan know so much about stocks and how does he have medical skills?

Why does Lin Yuan play the piano so well?

What was the last piece he played? Did he compose it himself?

Who was the girl who played with him?

What is their relationship?

Although there were so many questions in her heart, she couldn’t dare to speak.

This is because after the engagement was cancelled, she realized that they should have nothing to do with each other anymore.

She has no right to ask Lin Yuan about such thing.

Anything that Lin Yuan does or whoever he was dating has nothing with her anymore.

After a long struggle with herself, she finally decided to speak.

However, Lin Yuan spoke suddenly.

“Miss Yan, just a friendly reminder, fasten your seat belt and hold on to your seat.” Lin Yuan said suddenly.

“Huh?” Yan Ruyue, who had been thinking for a long time how to ask questions, was a little confused.

Then Yan Ruyue saw the roof of Lin Yuan’s sports car, slowly opening upward.

At the same time, Lin Yuan was driving faster and faster.

The violent wind gradually resonated in Yan Ruyue’s ears.


Lin Yuan stepped on the accelerator fiercely, and the Pagani sports car zoomed out like a hurricane!

Lin Yuan rushed quickly!

The violent gust of wind blew fiercely ravaging Yan Ruyue’s smooth and soft pretty face ruthlessly.

Since she has removed her hair tie, Yan Ruyue’s hair flew wildly behind her head like tentacles.

The crazy speed made Yan Ruyue panic since she has never experience being in a fast car.

Lin Yuan drove extremely fast.

So Yan Ruyue couldn’t speak at all. All she could do was yell to let her fear out.


Yan Ruyue who usually shows a cold face so as to seem unapproachable shouted without restraint.

And Lin Yuan was watching all this with a smile.

Seeing that Yan Ruyue’s beautiful face was blown by the wind, although looked strange, was still beautiful.

Watching Yan Ruyue’s hair dance in the wind, looked like she was a female devil.

Listening to Yan Ruyue’s frantic scream, made her look like a mad woman.

All this happened, under Lin Yuan’s madness.

Soon they reached the door of Yan Ruyue’s villa.

The car finally stopped, and Yan Ruyue gasped for a while after stopping.

Forcibly suppressing her urge to vomit, Yan Ruyue glared at Lin Yuan.

“You…” She realized that she was about to vomit so she immediately shut her mouth.

Yan Ruyue had never been in such a fast car before, and motion sickness was at a high at this time.

Seeing Yan Ruyue glaring at him, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Miss Yan, you should get off the car now and get some rest.”


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