Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 59 Is this man blind?

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Shen Lan couldn’t help but say: “Master, Yan Ruyue took the initiative to chat with you, why did you ignore her after a few replies.

“She is the novel’s main heroine, aren’t you afraid that her favorability towards you will decrease?”

Lin Yuan returned a message to Qiu Wanxi then said to Shen Lan: “Yan Ruyue? I don’t care about her now, let her realize that. As for the decrease in favorability? You don’t have to worry. In the book Lin Yuan’s reputation was already low due to him being a licking dog to Yan Ruyue. It can’t be lowered any further.

Lin Yuan waved his hand.

Shen Lan: “Okay…”

After eating and drinking, Lin Yuan laid down on the bed and fell asleep.

Meanwhile on the other side.

Yan Ruyue looked occasionally at her phone and tossed and turned around for several hours.

She stayed until late at night. Thinking that Lin Yuan would not reply to her again, she put down her phone and turned off the lights.

But even with her head buried in the pillow quilt, Yan Ruyue still kept on imagining things.

In her mind, although she doesn’t know why, the face of Lin Yuan always appears.

Today, Lin Yuan dragged the car without even telling her first and then didn’t reply to her.

She should be very angry.

But instead, she thought of Lin Yuan’s treatment, the way he played the piano, his confidence, and even his handsome face.

This night was a sleepless night for Yan Ruyue.

She twisted and turned, tossing and turning around all night…

The next day.

Lin Yuan came to Yan Ruyue’s house.

As usual, the cold-faced female president Yan Ruyue greeted him again at the door.

But Lin Yuan noticed.

The usual peaceful vibe and radiant energy was not present.

Today, Yan Ruyue’s eyes are a little red and her eye circles are a little dark.

It looked like she didn’t sleep well.

Lin Yuan knew exactly why.

Yan Ruyue could not sleep at all last night.

Shen Lan said: “Master, Yan Ruyue is like this. You can take advantage of the situation and show your concern for her.”

Lin Yuan: “What did you say?”

Shen Lan: “Ask her if she didn’t sleep well, tell her to put more eye drops, sleep well or something!”

Lin Yuan: “Yan Ruyue is in her twenties, and she controls worth billions of listed companies with ease. Do you think she doesn’t know what to do to put more eye drops and sleep?”

Shen Lan: “Uh…it seems to be…”

Although compared to the first meeting, Yan Ruyue’s favorability towards him has improved a lot.

But Lin Yuan didn’t think it was enough.

What he wants is for Yan Ruyue to be more obedient and be his licking dog.

And for this happen, he needs to teach her how to become one.

Lin Yuan knew Yan Ruyue didn’t sleep well at all but he didn’t entertain the same in his heart.

In Yan Ruyue’s subconscious mind, she deliberately didn’t cover up, and even enlarged her dark circles so that she will appear to not have slept well last night.

Otherwise, Yan Ruyue, a wealthy woman, could have just covered them up using make up and other skin care products.

Today, Yan Ruyue intentionally wanted to show to Lin Yuan that she had a poor sleep because she did not get any more reply from him last night.

It is as if a child has been beaten and could not treat his wounds by himself so went on to show his parents.

But Lin Yuan behaved the same as usual, without the slightest difference.

Lin Yuan seemed not bothered about Yan Ruyue’s abnormal condition.

Seeing that Lin Yuan was indifferent to the two dark circles under her eyes.

Yan Ruyue was also strangely depressed.

Is this man blind?

I looked like a panda; can’t you see it?

Also, yesterday Lin Yuan asked for the hair tie.

So she asked people to buy dozens more.

She tied up her hair again with the same one today.

Although she would not admit that she bought more because Lin Yuan liked her hair tie.

Yan Ruyue still wanted Lin Yuan to take a closer look at her, and at least notice the hair tie.

But why hasn’t Lin Yuan given any attention to it yet?

Regarding Yan Ruyue’s hair tie, Lin Yuan really did not notice, because he didn’t take it yesterday because he liked it…


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