Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 60 Qiu Wanxi’s Gift!

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Until Lin Yuan treated Song Xuan to the end, he didn’t say anything to Yan Ruyue and left.

Yan Ruyue didn’t want Lin Yuan to know that she wasn’t angry about the drag racing incident yesterday and that in fact she felt a little relaxed.

So, whenever their eyes met, she deliberately showed no signs of anger and endured not talking to him.

Looking at Lin Yuan while he was going away. She took a few breaths, her chest going up and down a few times.

The Yan family maid and security guard saw their eldest lady.

After going back and forth at the door for several times, she finally went back inside the house.

The maids are a little puzzled by the way she acted.

Yan Ruyue was a little bored when she returned home, and then she remembered the perfect goddess-like girl with Lin Yuan yesterday.

That girl is perfect. Not only does she have a perfect face, but she also has a gentle smile on her face, and her temperament also gives people a mysterious feeling. People perceives her as someone who is extraordinary.

Yan Ruyue thinks her skin is well-maintained, but the girl’s fair to almost transparent skin made her feel jealous.

Moreover, her violin skills are great. She can even keep up to Lin Yuan’s level.

“Fortunately, the dead straight man didn’t give my things to her!” (TLN: ‘Dead straight man’ is a buzz word used by girls who intentionally acts spoiled towards a man who does not have any reaction or does not reciprocate affection and compliments)

Yan Ruyue gave Lin Yuan this nickname due to his “blind” behavior.

She concludes the same because she gave a necklace to Lin Yuan but has never seen him wear it.

“That necklace would be very suitable for a girl with fair skin. I am afraid Lin Yuan might give that to her as a gift.”

“But I didn’t see it worn by that girl yesterday. All I could think of is that Lin Yuan kept it at home and cherished it.”

“After all I personally wore it and might have left my scent on it. Could he be sniffing it secretly?

Yan Ruyue didn’t think so much when she gave it to him. She blushed more and more and covered her face with a pillow.

Also, she remembered the hair tie…

It wasn’t until the company called, that she recovered her cold-faced female president personality and then she returned to the company to process the documents meticulously.

【Ding! Yan Ruyue’s favorability +5! Reward 200 counterattack points! 】

While on the way to Hope Cake Shop, Lin Yuan heard the prompt.

He was not surprise at all.

He could tell Yan only faked her anger earlier.

He understood Yan Ruyue’s character quite clearly.

But Lin Yuan himself didn’t expect her to behave that way.

The reason why Yan Ruyue’s favorability towards Lin Yuan increased was because she got excited of the thought that Lin Yuan had some fetish about her things.

If Lin Yuan knew about this, he would certainly be astonished.

Opening the phone, Lin Yuan smiled slightly after reading the message he received from Qiu Wanxi.

The message goes: “Master, Wanxi has prepared a gift for you. Would you come here at one o’clock in the afternoon? But if Master has other plans, please don’t mind me and just take care of the more important things.”

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